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Attention Fellow Bloggers & Website Owners… I have a Blog Button To Share!

Monday, 24th October 2011

Attention Fellow Bloggers & Website Owners… I have a Blog Button To Share!

A little while ago a fellow blogger contacted me with a request to add my blog button to her Blog-Roll.

Me in all my infinite wisdom replied….. “errr I haven’t got one yet… I’ll get right on it…”

Insert frantic worried face…. HERE!

Jac looking a little confused and concerned.
Computer Jargon Has Me Stumped!!!

So reluctantly I set out to learn how to do it. I think it’s fair to say that I fear all things computery and when it gets technical I would prefer to pluck my eyebrows…

I did manage to Google some step by step instructions before calling on the assistance of my computer savvy husband…

“I can’t do it” I whimpered all pathetic like, and within minutes he had taken over the keyboard and commenced operation ‘Blog Button Rescue’.

So without further ado, I would like to announce the arrival of my 1st ever Blog-Roll Button…

Cute isn’t it???

So for all you bloggers out there that would love to add it to your blog’s blog-roll, feel free to expand my ego and flatter my hubby’s ‘Mr Fix it’ skills.

If you do add it to your blog be sure to comment and let me know so I can do the same for you.



Copy and paste the code that’s in my sidebar, add it to a widget (If you’re on WordPress) and it will be all yours!

(I am not familiar with other blogging platforms, so I’m hoping you guys already know how to add it :-))

Thanks for all your support in my bloggy adventures.

LuV jAcQuI xox


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    1. How did your computer savvy husband do it? I need to do one for my wifes blog and I have no idea where to start. :) Looks awesome by the way :)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Lee! Something to do with photobucket and a whole lot of other confusing crapola.... Maybe I should get him to guest post at Common Chaos Chronicle and show us how he did it??? Sounds like a plan. Stay tuned :-) xox

    3. Hi, I added your button to my blog, however, it does not link to your blog, but to your photo bucket. I made one for mine too. I think you may have to also add a link on the image to direct it back to your blog. ((I am using blogger though).

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Lisa. It was working when we tested it all, so something has changed since adding my post. I bet its the smallest bit of code or something. Confuses me big time! Thanks so much for letting me know, i'll have it fixed and updated and definatly let you know when its fixed. Luv jac xox

    5. When I add it to my blog, and click the picture, it still goes to your photobucket screen and not to the blog here. I found this sight helped better with fixing the code. I didn't put my button on photobucket, but instead used the code from the blog.

    6. Cool bananas! I didn't know how to make mine either, a friend made mine for me. Yours is up now. :D

    7. Hi, just letting you know that the link part of your button still does not work for me on my blog. Go there perhaps and click and see. The button above on YOUR page does though (just not the link below - if you know what I mean). Lisa

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Really not sure Lisa, as other have said it is working for them. :-(

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