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BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY 2013 – The Story Of My Life……..

Wednesday, 1st May 2013

BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY 2013 – The Story Of My Life……..

Here is the story of my life in approximately 250 words….. or so. Don’t actually count them and we’ll all be none the wiser!!!

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to an Australian mum and an English dad. We were a middle class, working family that longed to live out the ‘Own your own home’ dream.

Just before I turned 8yrs old, my baby brother arrived, much to my disgust, as I had ordered a sister!!!

I spent many years babysitting him while mum and dad worked and although he often drove me batty, I enjoyed ‘mumming’ him. Today, I can not be any prouder of his efforts and achievements, including my beautiful niece!!!

I went through primary school and high school being bullied and picked on for my weight, a battle that I still deal with today.

I completed a diploma of Music Business Management but have never had the opportunity to use it.

I have worked in supermarkets and childcare in the past but can’t wait to try something new in the future.

After celebrating my 21st birthday in Melbourne, I decided to follow my mum and dad to the country for a change of pace and to buy an investment property.

12 years later I am still living in my ‘investment’ property, that has since expanded in size, with the arrival of my 6 gorgeous kiddies to my husband Brian.

And for those of you cheeky enough to ask, YES!!!! WE DO OWN A BLOODY TELEVISION!!!!

Back in 2005 my Mum suffered a stroke and in 2009 we lost my Dad to cancer. Both life changing events and both help make up who I am today.

I get super bored being stuck at home and love to redecorate my house every few months, interior design keeps my creativity at bay while I do my best at being a SAHM.

Most recently I have found a passion for crotchet, walking and blogging, which have all helped immensely while trying to deal with my post natal depression.

And that’s pretty much my life up until today.

I have included some links in this post to other pages that talk about my life in case the ‘250’ words just wasn’t enough for you!


Joining up with this linky is the perfect motivation for me to get the blogging up and going properly again. I hope you enjoy the random posts that will pop up.

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    1. Ooh to hear that someone else gets asked that bloody question as well!!! We have a 50" TV and people still ask if its big enough! Now our nickname with friends is "baby making machines"!

    2. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing this too! Lovely to learn more about you :) I'm also from Melbourne, used to live in the 'burbs but made a seachange to Mornington peninsula about 2 years ago xx

    3. Awesome! Well done! I had a look at the prompts for the month, and no way do I think I could blog every day for a month! My life story? I do believe it would be a tad boring! lol Looking forward to seeing all your posts on this this month! MC x

    4. Brenda Edwards

      Wow, I so enjoyed hearing more about you. I too was born in Melbourne and brought a property just out of Edenhope about 16 months ago and was going to move there with husband and 3 kids last year was so looking forward to the county life, having the dog and the chooks etc. until my husband took all our stuff and told us not to come. My youngest was just 6 weeks so I got diagnosed with P.N.D. and are now still stuck in Melbourne in a rental property so can't have pets trying to work out what to do next

    5. What an awesome idea. It's really interesting to read about peoples lives - even when you already know them!!

    6. Caroline

      Living on the Gold Coast, mum to 3 boys and awaiting the imminent arrival of our little girl (3 and a bit weeks). SAHM. Married to a crazy man who I happen to adore regardless of how much he drives me round the bend. Am still wondering what I want to be when I grow up despite being in my mid-30's. For the moment I am flat out with the family so will content myself with that! :-)

    7. Keep chasing the dream Jacqui, I loved your story and you make gorgeous cherubs TV or not.

    8. wendy Davies

      Born and raised in England, but have convinced myself I am actually australian and will one day live where I was born to be! I have 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister, mum and dad both British. I have a partner and a 20 year old son. I also have a fantasic family that live at Common Chaos headquarters! Love yas all Xxx

    9. ann

      I am loving this idea and I love your story.

    10. Ugh. We get that question too. Great story, Jac xx

    11. There's more to the TV than just owning have to turn it on! hahaha. Great foresight in purchasing an investment property at such a young age! I wish I had done the same...I just never had the courage.

    12. should reply, yes we do have a t.v but the programmes are just not entertaining enough ;)

    13. commonchaoschronicle

      Hahaha, funny you should say that Norlin, as my hubby now answers people with "yep, we do have a telly, but we just watch porn on it". Makes them change the subject pretty quick!!! ;-)

    14. Yogesh Chawla

      nice blog

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