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Chaotic Environment = Chaotic Mind

Wednesday, 10th October 2012

Chaotic Environment = Chaotic Mind

A chaotic environment equals a chaotic mind.

Now I am no expert or specialist on my new found theory, but I’ll tell you something, it’s certainly true for me.

When the environment I am in is chaotic, a mess and unorganised, my mind seems to go in much the same direction.

I can’t concentrate.

I feel anxious.

I stress out about anything and everything.

Then it becomes a vicious cycle.

The more I stress, the less I seem to get done, resulting in even more stress.

So today I gave myself an ultimatum…

The dining room, the room in which I spend 95% of my day, would get clean.

No if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

Dining room mess
{Check out the layer of dust on the mantle above our heater!! With a dirt driveway and the heater running flat out, dust like this accumulates in a matter of a week or so!}

I got MonsterSquad Dad on board and we made a difference, one corner of the room at a time.

I still have one more area to sort through until the room will be ‘done’, but I am feeling so much better about it already.

Here are my top 3 tips to get the place looking better straight away.

Clean Mantle Piece
{Dust be gone!!}

1. Clear off and de-clutter flat surfaces. Wipe them down so they’re clean of dust and grime. Remove the non essentials and dust off what needs to be on show.

If this is a huge job (like it was at Chaos HQ), choose one area to start with, such as the mantle piece or the table.

2. Grab a washing basket and collect up all the bits and pieces that have gathered in the dining room and remove them. Less clutter instantly makes the place look cleaner. For the first time in a long time my mantle piece is almost completely clutter-free, and I like it!

3. Sweep, Vacuum & Mop the floors! Our floor gets trashed daily and the vacuuming had been very much neglected. As soon as I vacuumed it, the room looked more spacious and a whole lot cleaner, and it took about 20mins!

Now that we’ve put all the effort in to get the room tidy, my aim is to keep it that way!

Can you share any other hot tips on making the dining area a clean and clutter-free zone?



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    1. ann

      Sounds old fashioned but if my dining table has a tablecloth on I dont put stuff on it!! Sadly after 1 meal the tablecloth is trashed and needs to be washed so then the table becomes a magnet for junk!! I agree about a clear space=clear mind!!

    2. For me, it's get rid of anything you don't need each week. I make the kids clear out their desks of anything they don't want weekly. They have to decide what's worth keeping and what's not because if it was up to me...let's just say EVERYTHING will get thrown out. ;)

    3. I have been trying to declutter and build storage places. I also try to keep all the unsorted stuff in one area. At the moment that is a small corner in the lounge room. With kids you seem to accumulate so much stuff it is unbelievable. I also vaccumn once a week no matter what. Kids are good at dusting! Goodluck with getting organised.

    4. For me, it's clearing the dining room table. If it's tidy with a clean table cloth and a pretty centrepiece, it makes the whole room look a whole lot nicer.

    5. Lisa

      I am tidy, my husband is a neat freak-but i do like it when we both attack the house at the same time together to get it clean. I like the kitchen benches and dining table to be clean. I must do the laundry basket thing especially as the kids get older (they need to put stuff away too)xlisa

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