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Craft and 30 Things In 30 Days List Update!!!

Sunday, 24th June 2012

Craft and 30 Things In 30 Days List Update!!!

A while back I wrote a blog post about some craft goals that I wanted to achieve before our new baby arrived.

The aim was to keep me busy and make the wait for bub go faster.

You can catch up on that blog post HERE.

So with only just over 1 week to go until bub does enter the world, I thought I would update you on where I am at!

WEEK 1 – I wanted to get the car seat covers made for the van. With the help of MonsterSquad Grandma, all the back seats are covered. We will attempt covers for the front seats one day, they’re a little bit more time consuming as the passenger seat and middle seat are all joined in one.

Homemade car seat covers
Car seat covers on in the van.

WEEK 2 – Had us setting up a new bag rack and organisation station for the children. This has been a complete success and I have a blog post in the works about it. Stay tuned for that one!

Bag Rack
Organisation Station SNEEK PEEK!

WEEK 3 – I was supposed to be pre-decorating a scrapbook album for the baby but I haven’t even started this task. I spent week 3 working on the crotchet blanket I was making for him instead. The blanket seemed to take up much more time than I ever imagined!

WEEK 4 – I purchased even more wool for the baby blanket as the border I decided on used alot more wool than I ever imagined!!! I also finished the grey crotchet beanie I wanted to make. Well finished it except for the pom poms. I am still working on the pom poms now!!

baby blanket
Ruffle Border around the baby blanket!

WEEK 5 – This week was supposed to see me having a big sew up but it still hasn’t happened! I haven’t been able to find any fabric I like for the harem pants however I have purchased some material to make the bunting I want to hang across the bedroom wall. I have never made one before but I am hoping it will be a fairly quick task!

WEEK 6 – I have not yet attempted to create the nappy cover to match the owl hat and cocoon that my mum and I had previously made. This may be something I take into the hospital with me to keep me busy when I can’t sleep.

I also wanted to paint the wooden letters that spell out the baby’s name this week too, but I had actually done them a few weeks earlier in a moment of boredom! So they’re done, hidden and ready to go on the wall once the little man arrives!

So overall I don’t think I have done too bad on the craft goal front. The scrapbook work will come, I know I will be inspired once I start snapping photos of the baby with the kids etc…

The sewing will be much easier once I can sit for longer after the operation. Right now I have to stand up and walk around every 10mins to combat the hip pain, and the pom poms for the beanie should be done this week!

In fact, I may even take that to my appointments since they always have us waiting for so long!

Now, for my 30 things in 30 day’s tasks….

1. Pack suitcase for Hospital – DONE
2. Pack Baby’s Case for hospital – DONE
3. Finish Crotchet Blanket – DONE
4. Sew up Harem Pants – NOT DONE!!!
5. 4 Medical appointments out of town – DONE + 2 more to go!
6. Shop for bits and pieces needed for bub and me – DONE
7. Make a start on baby’s scrapbook – NOT DONE!!!
8. Reorganise the kid’s Toy Room – DONE

Toy Room
Toy Room

9. Clean up front yard – DONE (needs a quick going over again – Mowing)
10. Clean up back yard – NOT DONE!!! (Job for hubby this week if it ever stops raining!)
11. Set up baby stuff (swing, bouncer etc) – DONE
12. Clean and sort out our Office Area – NOT DONE!!!
13. Celebrate the impending arrival – DONE
14. Remove all cobwebs and dust – DONE (Need to dust again though!)
15. Have a big bake up of things that can be frozen – DONE thanks to MonsterSquad Grandma!
16. Make up meals to be frozen – DONE freezer is full!

Filled the freezer with 5 of these premade lasagnes!

17. Blog more often – NOT DONE!!! But I will be catching up this week!
18. Pamper day – NOT DONE!!!
19. Take the kids out for the day somewhere fun – NOT DONE!!! (Budget hasn’t allowed this yet)
20. Put my old CD’s onto iTunes – NOT DONE!!!
21. Organise kids while I am in hospital – DONE
22. Paint and put wire door on our bedroom – DONE
23. Attend kid’s open dance lessons – That’s this week coming πŸ™‚
24. Clean out van – DONE
25. Final declutter of house before bub arrives – Pretty much DONE!
26. Meal plan and budget – DONE
27. Keep the house tidy everyday – BAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! But it’s not too bad really!
28. Try the new coffee shop up the street – NOT DONE!!!
29. Sort out photos on my MacBook – NOT DONE!!!
30. Spare day – I have done heaps in and around all of these things too!!!

So I haven’t done too bad, and I still have a week to go. The down side is the doctors want to see me 2 more times out of town before they deliver bub, so that will automatically cut out 2 days for me to achieve things!

I guess I will really have to apply myself this week and the best part about that is the days should just fly right by!! YEY!!!


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    1. I am amazed what you have done Jacqui , well done.

    2. Oh wow! Looking at your list, I'm pretty sure you've pretty much almost covered everything! SUPERWOMAN!! Ok, maybe I can help out with taking kids out bit. Instead of going to a place where you have to spend money, really, even a trip to the park (ok I know the weather has been crap), with a picnic can make them super duper happy! Kids are easy to please. :) xx

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