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Creating New Play Experiences In The Chaos Toy-Room!

Monday, 11th June 2012

Creating New Play Experiences In The Chaos Toy-Room!

One of my goals to complete before the arrival of the next little member of the MonsterSquad was to complete a ‘change around’ of the toy room.

Why? Why? Why? moaned Monster Squad Dad….

Ok, so it’s not like it was a small job, and he did instantly catch the drift that any heavy lifting would become his problem, but all the same, creating new play experiences keeps the monsters interested and keen for a play session.

While I see his point that it’s going to get messed up again, it may just give us an hour of peace here and there too.

So I devised a great big swap around plan and much to his disgust, and earlier last week we got to work moving things around in an effort to rediscover that stuff called carpet.

This is what we started with:

Mess! The computer desk was under the landing area which made it hard for us to access the printer. Every time I would go to grab something from it I would whack my head.

The other end of the landing. Yes, more mess!

Books everywhere!!!

Ok, so here’s what we did:

We took what the girls liked to call ‘Barbie Land’ down from on top of the landing, and replaced it with the bookshelf and a table and chairs for drawing and colouring in on.

This is where their pencils etc will be stored once they earn some trust and quit drawing on everything other than paper! In the meantime they can ask me for them each time they want to get up there!!!

Under the landing I created a shop type space for them to play in. The cupboard in this picture has all their different dress ups in it, plus their aprons and bits and pieces they like to pretend cook with.

I used an old TV unit as a shelf/counter for them and placed their radio and play phone on it. As you can see in the 10minutes they tested the room out tonight, they’ve set up a cafe scene to play with.

And what’s a cafe with out it’s very own specials board???

The end of the landing area is now clean and clear and the babies are residing in that corner!

On the opposite side of the room we have set up ‘Barbie Land’ again and put the Lego there also. I am secretly hoping that the Lego gets a little rest for a while as I am so tired of seeing it spread everywhere!!!

Next to the Lego stack, is a set of drawers that store other assorted toys. I have used my new DYMO Label Maker (Post to come) to label each drawer in hope that they put things away where they belong!!!

I should also introduce you to the MonsterSquad’s pet fish. πŸ™‚

So there you go, it took us a couple of weeks due to having heaps on, but it’s finally done and now I can cross this of my list!

Who want’s to take bets on how long it will stay this clean and sorted????

(Apologies for the bad lighting in these photos, seems as soon as daylight dies down in that room, every pic I take is dark and grainy or over exposed…)




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    1. That looks like a great play space. Well done on the reorganisation :)

    2. cadian

      Awesome job!! Fingers crossed it lasts!!

    3. Nice work Jacqui. My husband moans about tidying the toys for the same reason ...5mins later it is messed up again. The new layout looks great and hopefully the kids will keep it tidy ...else keep a few spare green garbage bags to remove a bagfuls at a time (hide if you must) till they do.

    4. Tammy

      How did you guys do the landing? is it just like an old bunk bed? Its such an awesome and cool idea :D

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Tammy, yeh it was just a part of an old bunk set up we had. The bunks were actually 4 beds, so it's probably higher than a normal bunk, but it's working well as extra space for us now :-) I like re purposing things. I just have to get around to painting it all one day!

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