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Day 2 – 20 Days to a clean home with The Organised Housewife – Main Bedroom.

Wednesday, 5th September 2012

Day 2 – 20 Days to a clean home with The Organised Housewife – Main Bedroom.

20 Days to Clean & Organise your Home
Day 2’s task was to tackle the Main Bedroom.

Since I spent all of yesterday grocery shopping, I am catching up on Day 2 today, on day 3!

Our room is often the hiding place for junk that doesn’t have a home, washing that hasn’t been put away and countless pieces of paper, drawings and toys that the MonsterSquad drag in.

It’s the last room of the house that I bother cleaning because frankly, no one goes in there but us.

I really like the point that Katrina, The Organised Housewife makes when she talks about the Main bedroom being a place to relax and be with your partner.

“Your bedroom should be a place you feel comfortable in, making it easier for you to fall asleep and have the desire for a little β€˜romance’.” – Kat.

I mean in our house it’s hard enough to relax at any point in the day, but knowing I can fall asleep in one clean room is really would be a bonus for me.

Here are some before shots of our clutter and mess.

I apologise in advance for the average lighting in some of the photos as they were taken on my phone.

Main Bedroom1As you can see, there was quite a mountain of clean washing sitting on top of the suit cases I took into hospital with me….. 9 weeks ago.

Behind the suitcases and under the mountain is a funky hand shaped chair that I am supposed to use for feeding Elijah!

My bedside table was covered in drink bottles and cups.

Main Bedroom2

There were baby clothes piled up on every surface – yep, we have way too many and I hadn’t made Eli’s bed either.


Well I started with culling out all the baby clothes that no longer fit Eli. As hard as it is for me to part with all these special little things I am going to list them for sale and put the money I make towards buying the kids new summer clothes in the next few months. They’ve all grown so much at once!

After tackling the baby clothes, I put all the other washing and shoes away.

Main Bedroom 3

I then packed away baby items under the change table, like bulk nappies we were given, towels, blankets and baby toys.

I re-purposed a basket to put all the baby toiletry type things in and displayed my beautiful birth notice frame.

I then made the beds. I will wash all the bed linen later in the week when my washing pile is not so horrendous!

Main Bedroom 4

So there you have it.

One rather tidy and fresh bedroom.

I wonder if it will relax us and entice us with romance this evening… hahahaha πŸ˜‰



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    1. I keep our bedroom spotless, it is supposed to be a relaxing and peaceful place and I can't relax in clutter, messy or unclean places! And there's certainly no romantic moods in a messy room! I hope you feel the difference in your clean room x

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