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Desperately Need A Van- Things I Know- Linking Up With Yay For Home.

Friday, 9th September 2011

Desperately Need A Van- Things I Know- Linking Up With Yay For Home.

Welcome to ‘Things I Know’, a weekly link up with another awesome blog called YAY FOR HOME.

This morning clarified what I have been moaning about for around 18mths now.

We need a second car. Well really, it will have to be a van…..

I know I am sick and tired of being stranded without a car. There is something not so appealing about walking 5 kids and myself, unwell and in the rain & hail. Nope, sorry, does nothing for my motivation.

Kids in the car at the footy
Naughty Veruca swapping seats like I wouldn't notice...


I know that I don’t like relying on other people to cart the kids and I here, there and every where when my hubby has the car. When I have no car I feel helpless, trapped, isolated and very much ‘stuck’. It strips me of my independence and more often than not leaves me wasting entire days waiting of lifts here and there.

Kids sitting on the car.
Sitting on the car is much more spacious...

I know that it will have to be a van, as the kids are getting too big for the Dickie seat in the old wagon. So kind of Mr Police man to inform us of this one…. Apparently the twins can only sit in the Dickie Seat until they’re 8…. which leaves us around 8 months to get a Van, and the younger ones are supposed to be in the middle row of seats with proper boosters…. So we can’t even just swap them around..

Picture Of A Toyota Commuter Van
This one will do.


I know that with all the research I have done into Vans, it should probably be a Toyota – Commuter. Why? They have more seats…. 12 of them infact.Β  I have had it with our kids sitting so close to each other in the car. I’ve had it with having no luggage room and having to drag a trailer around with us.We often take a helper away with us so we need more seats and I’d love to be able to bring the kid’s friends home from school with us for play-dates.Β  Oh then of course you have the doggy that likes to come on adventures with us too….

Close up photo of Mishka our Husky
How could anyone want to leave Mishka behind?


I know that we don’t have that kind of money right now. With my hubby facing knee surgery, and no sick leave left, we’re facing several weeks of reduced income. which I might add is even more lousy leading up to Christmas…..


I know that we wont have that kind of money for awhile. Of course we wont. Reduced pay, A birthday, Christmas, Renovations, and everything else in between……


I know the plan of my hubby riding a push bike to work is not going to happen now, since he busted his knee playing footy. It was a great idea…. it really was. But since he can’t even lift his leg over a bike frame, let alone pedal, I think the whole concept of riding has gone out the window.

Google picture of a bike
We all know he'd call it Bumblebee if he owned it....


I know that Toyota will one day come to me, wanting a review of their latest Commuter Van and I will happily oblige. For future reference, Toyota should know that I would prefer to drive an automatic but will drive manual if its completely unavoidable…. They should also know that reviewing the item could take up to 12months of test driving…. πŸ™‚


I know that one should never get their hopes up like that……. but gee wouldn’t it be nice?? A bit like wishing I won the Tattslotto except I never buy a ticket…

Google toyota image
This could be me....


OH What A Feeling…… πŸ˜‰


And that my dear readers is what I know this week.



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    1. Oh, hun! I feel at least a fraction of your misery being stuck at home with 3 kidlets while hubby takes the care to work. I hope the lovely Toyota Fairy reads this and grants you your wish soon so you can enjoy jumping in the air and singing 'Oh, What a Feeling!' Go on Toyota, help Jac, you oughtta!!! xxx

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Seriously, Toyota would be silly not to have me review their vehicles!! I mean with the amount of 'large family' mummies that read my blog they're sure to get their advertising dollars worth ;-) Ahhhh If only Miss Jess, If ONLY!!! xoxox

    3. I'm one of 4 kids, and my parents had a bright yellow Mitsubishi Star Wagon when we were younger. It worked well :) All the best getting your van :)

    4. Toyota should so come to the party on this one. Maybe if we all petition them to ask you to be a tester... fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely lady, I am sure in good time all will work out xx

    5. Sif

      LOL, this made me sigh and then laugh! I know exactly how you feel about the having to rely on others for lifts (four kids, no car, and not allowed to get a licence here). I hope you get your van very soon - sometimes these things happen in mysterious way - I hope that happens to you!

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