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Expecting… A Teeny Weeny MonsterSquad Member – PART 1.

Wednesday, 11th January 2012

Expecting… A Teeny Weeny MonsterSquad Member – PART 1.

I recently announced on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page that I was expecting a baby.

While some people may have been overwhelmed and shocked at our little surprise, it has been a long time in the making for us.

It has not been an easy road, after another life threatening ectopic pregnancy (I had another ectopic before we had Levi) and 4 documented miscarriages, a few more where I just couldn’t face another waiting room and months of not ovulating at all, we were certain it was never going to happen.

So it was much to my surprise when I reluctantly walked in to the bathroom, pee test in hand, ready for another month of disappointment, that I began to see 2 very clear and dark pink lines…..

Pregnancy test baby number 6

At first I didn’t believe it.

I checked the test again. And again.

Then I didn’t want to believe it. Not because I didn’t want to be pregnant, but because I didn’t want the heartache of losing another pregnancy again.

What I didn’t realise is that later that day my Cheshire Cat like grin would turn into complete heartache for a completely different reason.

Later that evening my world was turned upside down by the antics of a home-wrecking stalker, after I discovered messages sent to my husbands phone including semi naked photos.

The stress that I endured throughout all of this had close family worried about my health and the health of the baby. I could not eat, I could not sleep, I could barely function and breathing hurt like hell.

As time passed on the pain eased and I started to look up again.

Nearing week 7, after a family outing and lunch we returned home and I discovered I had started to bleed.

Once again my world came crashing down as my hubby phoned the medical center.

Appointments were made and a scan for a weeks time was booked in. The wait was agonizing.

My head and my heart did not know what to think or feel as I ached all over. Why couldn’t it just happen this time?

As the doctor assured me that my HCG blood test levels were high (high enough to be twins again), I was still a shaking nervous wreck.

I have seen enough of these ultrasounds now that I know what to look for and as the sonographer moved the probe into position, I let out a sigh as I myself could see a tiny little flash of a heartbeat on the screen.

Ultrasound of 7 week old fetus

She assured us that everything looked OK, she could see where the blood had come from and it was not from the womb. PHEW!

So we left for home relaxed and ready to become parents once again.

Stay tuned for PART 2 where I explain my absence from blogging and society in general.

Did you have any early pregnancy scares or worries?

Have you had difficulty conceiving?

Share your story with me in the comments section, xox.





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    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it all goes well. I'm one of those who think about it & am pregnant! Though with Mr N, we had a scare at 28 weeks. I was admitted to hospital after cramping and bleeding and they did a scan. The sonographer reported there was no fluid around the baby! A second, specialist, scan showed the first one was wrong. Mr N ended up being 6 days late!!! With Mr Z, my 20 week scan was a few weeks late. The sonographer measured something she shouldn't have, so the measurement was wrong, leading to a scare and another scan. Thankfully everything was OK again and he was healthy, and 8 days early!

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      I cannot begin to imagine the stress you were under until they got the second opinions!!!! Thanks Mel, xoxox

    3. karen

      Oh Jac, even more excited for you after reading about your pregrancy journey, I had my daughter 24 years ago and then a life saving d & c when she was 2 weeks old! nearly didnt make it, but didnt have periods and an old doc who told us this wasnt to be worried about, when pamela was 4 i casually asked the doc at a 24 hr clinic for her asthma and he sent me to a gyno who kept telling me for 18 months i should worry about not falling pregnant and gave me who knows what mediction whilst I put on 25 kg then walked in one day to u are obese and i cant help you, dont even remember the trip home thru 2 suburbs on tram, nasty man, anyway the next year felt sick and sore boobs so went to doc and said if i didnt know better ... as i was, for 16 weeks then had my 2nd ultrasound to be told need an emergency d & c and had to tell my husband in crowded waiting room on public phone, then 2 1/2 yrs later same again but only 12 weeks and bled so had ultrasound and another d & c so only the one, but at least she is wonderful and the apple of our eyes and I so love reading your blogs, keep it up you are amazing

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks karen xox

    5. michelle

      I have had 3 healthy kids with no miscarriages or scary moments thank goodness. With my third, although it was smooth sailing physically, my 12 week scan showed up that there was a slight chance of Down Syndrome. We were so worried and I stressed the whole time. There were no problems when he was born, and I vowed if I had another baby i would not get another 12 week scan. I know alot of people don't agree with this, however, in my experience these scans sometime worry you, and there is no 100% certainty. I am now pregnant with no.4, and although it took us no time at all to conceive I almost feel like something is going to go wrong. I suppose being that little bit older, I have friends around me who have had many miscarriages, and it does make you a bit worried. I am now at 14 weeks and everything is going great. I didn't have the 12 week scan for the reasons mentioned above. On the pregnancy note, i wonder how i will cope with 4 due to my lack of energy levels. i could sleep till july at this rate

    6. Rachypooh

      I know where you are coming from, I have a 12mth old - after 8 documented miscarriages and 1 eptopic. if took years to fall pregnant and I was told 3 times prior to 24weeks that I had lost her. I went in to early labour at 24 weeks and continued to loose fluid up until I was flown from country SA to Adelaide and gave birth at 38weeks. I have since had another miscarriage and eptopic. We are trying for number 2 but it may or may not happen. Heres hoping and a big Congrats

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      We had never had the 12 week scan up until this one and much like you i was worried sick about it. I think it was too many 'what if's' for me. I just wanted to see the bub healthy on the screen but the wait for the results really got to me in the end. Good luck with resting.... I know your pain. Xox Ps. If you find the fast forward button, drop me off mid june ;-)

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Ectopics are scary as hell. I dont wish it upon anyone ever. Thanks for sharing and baby dust & luck to you. Xo

    9. Kara

      Jac it makes me so cluck, cluck, clucky....but alas no more for me. I knew you'd had trouble, but didn't realise the extent of it, so pleased for you now. As for me, I'm pregnant with only as much as a second glance from Bruce, we really have been very blessed and I'm very thankful for that. What I am curious to know is what they say about another ceaser....that's a big part of the reason that I'm not having any more, because after 4 ceasers the drs strongly advised me against it plus I don't think my old body could go through it again! Lots of love to you xoxox

    10. commonchaoschronicle

      Funnily enough Kara, after I had Levi, the doctor came to see how we were doing and asked me "so when are we having our next baby?" He said my body could cope with one more from a scar point of view. Xo

    11. Hi lovely, many congrats! I am so excited for you. I've been down your road somewhat, I have 3 healthy children and I've had 6 miscarriages, trying for that elusive 4th child. It is not meant to be because I emotionally cannot go through it again. I know you understand what I mean. Instead I focus on my 3 babies I have and realise I am truly blessed. Hugs and best wishes to you x

    12. karen

      hi congrats on your pregnancy and hope its all smooth sailing now , i am currently 34+5 with number 7 and have spent most of the last 6 wks in hospital , i cant wait to meet my new little man in the next few weeks (my 6th boy ! my poor daughter will never be allowed to have a boyfriend lol) and hope your pregnancy goes smoothly from now on and super fast

    13. Rosie Cragg

      Wow, what a start to your pregnancy! I remember reading about your "stalker", but of course never knew of what else was going on. I've never experienced a miscarriage, and have been ever so lucky in that department. But.... our first son was still-born at 37 weeks. I had no idea, and it seems he may have actually passed away somewhere around 32 weeks - what sort of mother was I, not knowing that my precious little baby had died!! Anyway, I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant very quickly, and just on 12 months (after a rather anxious pregnancy) our first baby girl was born, then there was our first son. I was a little worried that maybe I couldn't carry boys (the sonographer had given me a hint that it was a boy), but all was well. Then there was the next two healthy girls, and then of course there was the next two healthy boys!! So all in all, I guess I am one of the lucky ones!!! All of the kids know about their older brother (at age-appropriate times) and we'll certainly never forget him as some well-wishers would have had me do!! My most sincere hugs and thoughts are with you and your family over the next coming months!! Be well and take care. Rosie - Mum of 6 cherubs, and one angel!!

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