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Expecting…. PART 2.

Thursday, 12th January 2012

Expecting…. PART 2.

This post is Part 2 of my current pregnancy story. If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE!

After all the commotion at the beginning of this pregnancy, I was keen to just relax and start enjoying it.

But in typical Jacqui fashion this was not to be.

I became violently seasick and dizzy, a massive case of All-Day-Sickness, that would not ease for anything.

Those of you that have known me since the twins, or who have read my TWINS post would probably be thinking exactly what we were thinking at this stage…

There has to be more than one in there….

And with the high blood test results and previous experience, we were thinking there was a fair chance they missed one on the early scan again.

As a result, we opted to take the 12 week blood test and scan that they do to test for Downs Syndrome. Not so much because this was going to be an issue, but because we needed to have a good look inside my tummy to check for the stowaway…

It was the first time we had ever had this test done and to be perfectly honest with you all, it caused me more worry and stress over something that has never been a worry for us before. In hindsight, IΒ  probably wouldn’t take that test again, but it was nice to have another peek at bub.

At 12 weeks, still feeling like death warmed up, the sonographer introduced us to our bub again.

Yes, that’s right, JUST ONE!!! Or so they say….. (We never fully believe them till they’ve sewn my Caesar scar back up!!!)

It was amazing to see just how much it had grown in a short period of time.

12 week pregnancy ultrasound

So the what if’s and worry began about test results as I fought to keep my head out of a bucket and remain upright.

My blogging decreased dramatically as I could not even sit up long enough to type a status update. The house became a disaster zone as the mess kept piling up and I just couldn’t function to fix it.

I was a mess. Emotionally and physically. The house was (and still kind of is) a great big mess. The stress was adding up and I could feel a meltdown coming on. Except I didn’t even have the energy for that.

Life took over as I nodded off randomly, got up and fell down with dizziness and watched Christmas pass us with a blur.

It was tough and none of my other single pregnancies have treated me this way.

I anxiously awaited the results of the test, to be told there was no risk and everything looked happy and healthy in there. GREAT!!!

The doctor is testing for diabetes earlier than normal, just to see if that is the cause of the dizzy spells. On a whole I am feeling a lot better.

I’m still dizzy. I am still very tired, but I am able to function so much better.


My weight-loss has not suffered, and that pleases me to bits. After months of eating anything that would stay down, and absolutely no exercise, I was happy to get on the scales at the doctors to find I had not gained any weight at all.

Infact, although the doctors cannot confirm this for me, I am certain that the reason we have been blessed with this baby is the result of losing those 14 odd kilos. Perhaps my massive weight gain after Levi had something to do with the lack of ovulation, or the way my body coped with the initial stages of conception.

I am now between 14 -15ish weeks. There is a week and 2 days difference between the scan dates and the date of my LMP but close enough is good enough for me. I just think we’re growing a giant!!!

Boy or girl, big or small, it doesn’t matter to us. All I know is after the rough ride this little person has endured through this first trimester, it’s going to be one hell of a little fighter!Β  πŸ™‚

Now in the beginning I was convinced it would be another boy, due to the cravings and similarities between the pregnancy I had with Levi……

But after all this illness and puke, only a girl could make me feel this crook, speaking from experience on that one.

Do you like to find out the sex of your babies or do you leave it to be a surprise???



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    1. How precious! Love ultrasound pics...looking at this makes me want to go! Glad you're feeling somewhat better, and I hope you continue to improve. Looking forward to the next update ... :))) Congratulations again!!! Cass x

    2. Oh Jac! *hugs* I think this shows just how much of a fighter YOU are too! We found out the gender with both of ours - wanted to be prepared, and had heaps of troubles with names :)

    3. Is it sad that I always go "Awwww...." at ultrasound pictures and newborns? Of course only since I decided I wouldn't have any more :) I found out the gender both times. Too impatient and too curious. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly... Hugs xxx

    4. I had a surprise both times. With number 2 I was convinced he was a girl... I was really sick both times & had 2 boys. I hope you're feeling better very soon.

    5. Brooke

      I am so glad you are feeling a bit better, was worried when my favourite blogger disappeared of the face of the earth. :-) hoping for smooth sailing here on in! You've done an amazing job with your weight loss and its so exciting that it could have helped send you guys such a wonderful gift!! I would love to have a 'surprise gender' baby but hubby is imparient and I'm not well organised so we found out with both of ours. If we had a third I'd like to be surprised since we now have plenty of boy and girl stuff but I still think hubby would be keen to find out. :-)

    6. michelle

      thanks for sharing , sounds like you're out of the woods now. i don't think i will complain now after your symptoms, i have only had the nausea. i have to say being pregnant with no.4 has made me realise something. i am convinced symptoms are based on personality not sex. No.3 (Edward) was similar symptoms to No.1 (Charlotte), and they have very similar personalities. No.4 symptoms are very similar to No.2 (William), so it will be interesting to see what this sex is. No i cannot wait to find out the sex, I have to know. I do have a few girls clothes i have not yet offloaded which i am hanging onto, but i just can't go 9 months without knowing. And I completely understand with the 12 week scan. I did that with Edward and vowed i would never take it again - unless we thought we really had to check. I'm looking forward to hearing much more of your pregnancy journey

    7. Bernadette Cutmore

      Oh I can so relate to your all-day-sickness, I suffered terribly from this with my pregnancies and each pregnancy would be worse than the last. I would be bed ridden for 3 months and have to rely on my mum to come and help with the house work and cooking. I couldn't even walk past the kitchen without dry wretching and I never had to worry about weight gain as I usually lost weight through my pregnancies. I have 3 wonderful children and would have loved another but the thought of dealing with that sickness, well I just couldn't do it again. Glad you are feeling much better now, and I hope you can now enjoy being pregnant. And I found out the sex with our last one the other two were surprises.

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