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FEAR – What are you afraid of?

Friday, 24th February 2012

FEAR – What are you afraid of?

Fear is a funny thing.

Sometimes fears develop from horrendous life experiences, and sometimes they stem from things we make up in our heads.

I am not talking about the horrendous kind of fears today, I am talking about the rather funny and absurd fears that we have.

I have a few.

Like spiders, I don’t like them. Fear of them is clearly a learnt behaviour from my mother….

I don’t like snakes. I get shivers walking through the reptile house at the zoo, and if someone is holding one, my heart races and I break out in a sweat. No idea what will happen if I ever meet one out bush….

Ok, those fears are quite common.

What about this one?


I am petrified of birds. Well you see I love them in cages. They’re fine in the wild. But birds in my house or anyone else’s is a major heart stopper for me. I can’t stand when they flap and their beaks kind of freak me out too.

I have no idea where this fear came from, but it is very very real.

I also fear touching fish. I know, I know that’s a really strange one….

I love fish we have tanks of them as pets but I do have to leave the room when hubby has to fish them out of the tanks and they start their flapping business.

I cannot go fishing as the fear of reeling n a fish and having to unhook it is too much for me to cope with and when I used to work in a supermarket deli, I could not even handle the dead fish unless I had several pairs of gloves on and a long set of tongs.

Very odd indeed.

So now that you have all had a little chuckle at me and my strange fears, how about sharing some of your own so I don’t feel so silly and alone???

I am certain their are other strange fears out there whether they be yours or someone you know…..


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    1. Let me tell're not alone! I've got this fear of animals in general. You just can't tell what they're going to do! Really! They might suddenly freak out, out of the blue and bite, attack whatever on you!! inane fear of germs. I get a bit over obsessive with that. Say if someone sneezes, where I'm standing/sitting etc. I will be holding my breath in. I kid you not! Yep, I will hold it for nearly a minute until I think the germs have been blown away! Yes, laugh if you must. I am weird!

    2. hmm... I don't know about fears of small stuff (except spiders & cockroaches)... I have a few big ones though! :-) actually, this is going to sound weird, but maybe gross squishy things would fit this category? and that then in turn effects my ability to eat fruit&vegs that aren't fresh! :) (ie. sultanas, jams - eeewwww)

    3. Rachel

      I am petrified of moths. Yes very strange I know. I once had a big one get stuck in my hair and it was fluttering around. I can't even go to the butterfly enclosure at the zoo!! Ewww. I'm cringing thinking about it.

    4. Jaymee

      Give me snakes and spiders any day i am petrified of MICE! If I see one i literally break down and cry, my husband works away but if one was to die outside my house as they did during a recent mouse plague I could not walk anywhere near and would ring My father in law or a freind who would send her 10 year old daughter around to remove it! I litrally get into a panik and can not function or think of anything else until I calm myself down! Many nights I have cried myself to sleep over them! NOw thats bad!

    5. Jo Joseph

      Rats & mice!!!!! Can't stand knowing they're in the house - luckily hubby can cope with them & I get rid of the spiders he won't go near!!! :-D

    6. Trudy F

      I too am afraid of birds, but I know where my fear came from. I was attacked by a flock of seagulls when I was 16. Now I can't even take the kids to the duck park, cause if I bird comes near me, I panic, and run! I can't even walk past my friends bird, which is in a cage in her house, I have to walk the long way to her kitchen, so I don't pass the cage. I am also afraid of clowns...

    7. Brooke

      I hate animals that have no legs! They make me feel quite I'll. Even things that look like they are legless like millipedes, blergh! Fish don't bother me because they have fins but I remember catching an eel fishing at the river one night I turned into such a wimp waving my rod around doing the eww eww eww thing. I'm not phased by too much but things that can move without arms legs or otherwise are OUT for me haha

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