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Foto Fun!

Sunday, 5th June 2011

Foto Fun!

Just thought I’d share a few happy snaps with you all as I just don’t have the time for a long blog post at the moment!


My Baby Boy, Sleeping with his Footy
I was most surprised to find Levi snuggled up with a footy the other night.Β  He really loved his ‘Boootball’…. Hahahha!



Levi & Veruca. Destructive Geniuses
The Destructive Duo – Levi and Veruca have become as ‘thick as thieves’ since Zaf started school. Hmmmm she’s probably not the greatest influence on him!!!



Our Icy Mornings - See-saw Seat Frozen
Last Wednesday morning we awoke to a massive frost. It was -3degrees and everything was frozen. This is the kids see-saw seat. The ice in it was solid like an ice-cube…. Brrrrrrr.



Zaf and her new earrings
As promised, we took Zafirah to have her ears pierced as a part of her 6th birthday pressie. Here she is looking mighty proud of herself, showing them off for all to see.


The Last Time I Saw Silverchair Play - Bendigo 2010
Last week I was casually reading emails when I came across one from my beloved Silverchair. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO! Seems the boys have put the band into permanent hiatus. TOTALLY SHATTERED. That is all I have to say about that!



I will be back sometime soon with my MEALS FOR A MONTH List. Till then, follow me on Facebook for Daily Updates of our CHAOS!

Jac xox








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