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Getting the balance right!

Sunday, 8th May 2011

Getting the balance right!


Easier said than done?

In life we’re expected to balance just about everything. Way more than the cereal we eat of a morning…

I dont know about you, but I know straight away when the balance is out of whack.

Lets see…. We have to balance








Other Commitments

Plus a whole lot more…

It’s a lot to juggle and can be really overwhelming sometimes. SO, how do we get it right?

It’s not always easy but I find somethings rate much higher on the list of priorities so I always sort the high priority ones first.

These would naturally be my children and my husband.

Right now, we’re changing the house rules for the children to allow Brian and I to reclaim some control back of the unrooly mob, which in turn allows us much more quality time as a family rather than being angry all the time.



Balancing Work & Home Life is HARD!!!


The balance between work and family is more often than not a tough one. Brian needs to work more so we can afford to do the things we want to do.

However, with him working many hours of overtime, I am left at home alone with the children more often. This resulting in me slowly but surley going mad. I need adult contact and a breather every now and then.

When he gets home from work, after several hours overtime, I am ready to pass the monsters over for a little while so I can recoup and refresh, however he’s exhausted and just want’s to sit down himself. We’re both fighting a losing battle.

On top of that he has the stress from the workplace pressuring him into all this extra overtime like there is no option in the world. So where’s the balance here?

Perhaps set overtime days would be better?

Perhaps rotating overtime days could work?

Perhaps getting more help during the day and evening from friends and family would free up more quality time we could spend together on the weekends……



Brian & Jac


I’m not sure what we will do to sort the balance out but it’s definitely next on the agenda.

In a perfect world i could juggle all of these things without a worry, in the real world I will work on them on thing at a time.

One figures….

Step by step, each piece of the jigsaw will fall into place and everything else will sort itself out. πŸ™‚

Well hopefully anyway!!!



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