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Is Wearing Pants Really That Necessary?

Monday, 24th October 2011

Is Wearing Pants Really That Necessary?

There’s a running joke at Chaos HQ at the moment.
It seems my dearest little man Levi, has developed a severe aversion to wearing pants.

Hamish and Andy
{Image taken from Google.}

Whilst our beloved Aussie comedians Hamish and Andy preach about the brilliance of ‘Pants Off Friday’, I am beginning to question Levi’s authority to extend the acceptable ‘pants off’ period to include the entire week.

Quite frankly, the pants off look is just fine around home, but seriously, the daycare center might start thinking that I’ve officially lost the plot soon.

Pants off friday
{Image taken from Google}

Levi has taken it upon himself to submit to Hamish and Andy’s shenanigans and has taken it about 6 steps further.

Should I hold these grown men accountable for getting pants back on this child of mine???

Or maybe Levi should become the official ambassador of the Pants Off Friday movement???

I think the boys have a lot to answer for….

Hamish, Andy, if you are reading this, I need answers….

levi in a nappy
Levi embraces the Pants Off Spirit!

But seriously,

Levi is perfectly content with putting on a nappy, or even having it changed several times a day…
But when it comes to the pants, he’s just not a fan.

We have tried to convince him that perhaps shorts might be his thing…. Nope not in the slight bit interested.

He even told me he wasn’t going to put his ‘bed pants’ back on… I’m not sure where he got ‘bed pants’ from but he certainly refused the pajamas I was waving around.

So do you have a nudist in the making at your house?

How do you combat the pants ‘on’ chase everyday?

Luv JAC xox


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    1. Krystal

      LOL Mine won't consent to taking his off! Trying to toilet train and it is a nightmare at the moment! Tried to send him outside without pants or nappy on the other day and it was just not going to happen! Don't know what the neighbours thought with all the screaming about his pants hahaha! Maybe Levi should give Chris some lessons in letting go LOL

    2. Lol! That's just too cute. Well, I've never had to chase any of my kids to put their pants on but I did have one go completely naked one day after school. His reason: it's really hot! At least leave your undies on!!

    3. We started toilet training just over a month ago, so my little man just wears undies @ home now. He's in the habbit that he'll only put shorts on to go out of the house, but when he gets home they come straight off. Not sure what i'd do in your situation though, if he didn't want to wear them to go out! For now I'm just focusing on the positive - whilst he isn't wearing pants @ home there is less washing !! (his nappy used to leak all the time so I was washing a few pairs everyday...) Good luck !!

    4. My daughter is the pants off (actually clothes off) queen! She is toilet trained, but refuses undies or any clothing all the time (2yr old, 3 in Feb). She has refused clothes for a long time. She'll wear them if we are going out, or if she goes outside, but for some reason at home she just wants to be naked. My husband and I do not walk around without clothes on, so don't know where she gets it. That said, I have given up. It is so hot here now that she'd be too sweaty. Funnily enough she went through a stage where she had to have gumboots on. Like even join to bed she wanted them on. They stunk to high ho, and she would have NO other clothing on, but loved those boots. lol.

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      Little buggers aren't they? I am so glad that you all have commented and that I am not alone. I mean, I knew I wouldn't be, but its always nice to hear other peoples stories when you're stuck shaking your head at the same problem everyday.... I heard Perth has some good nudist beaches... Perhaps we should take them all there... Hahahaha

    6. Nat

      No pants Fridays whts next clothes off Tuesday Tops off wednesday

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