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Jai…. Jai….. JAI!!!! Can you hear me now?? Jai gets his Hearing Aid!

Tuesday, 6th August 2013

Jai…. Jai….. JAI!!!! Can you hear me now?? Jai gets his Hearing Aid!

On Monday the 5th August 2013, we took Jai back to Australian Hearing in Ballarat to have his new hearing aid fitted for the first time.

It’s been a long time coming. He’s had test after test after test and finally the day had arrived where we could all let out a sigh of relief and Jai would be able to hear us properly once again.

We arrived just in time for the appointment and didn’t have too wait long to be taken into the little room.

Jai's new hearing aid.

I am not sure who was more nervous, but I did my best to disguise my worries as the lady fitting the hearing aid got all the bits and pieces out and ready.

I know in the big scheme of things having to wear a hearing aid is nothing major, and I am thankful that his hearing is just down in one ear, but there’s that ‘Mummy’ part of me that just wants to hold him close and take away the nerve deafness so he didn’t have to sit through all of this.

I look at Jai and I can read his face as though his thoughts are scrolling in print across his forehead. I knew exactly what he was thinking…..

‘Is this going to hurt?’

‘Are my mates going to laugh at me?’

‘Do I look funny with this on?’

‘Will it always feel this funny?’

and so on….

He looked so uncomfortable as the device was placed over and in his ear for the first time.

The lady fitting it could not get her computer to link up with the speakers that they use to test the sound he is hearing, no matter what she tried, so Jai has to deal with the computer set-up in his ear for a fortnight.

Hearing Aid room

We left Australian Hearing and I watched in amazement at how Jai was instantly picking up sounds that he had previously missed. For the next 3 hours all he would say was “Did you hear that mum?” LOL

For the first time in a long time, I felt like I’d gotten something right as a mum. That as parents, we had finally been listened to and something had been done. We knew he couldn’t hear properly and now we’d fixed the problem.

The Hearing Aid

Or so we thought…

Later on last night Jai began to complain that the hearing aid was squealing in his ear. I told him it was probably not sitting in right or that he was just getting used to it being there.

I even struck a deal with him that if he left it on, I too would wear my glasses, so we both had to deal with extra stuff on our heads!

Today I spent the morning at the school and he was struggling to deal with it big time.

He tells me that when it is quiet, it sounds like the fuzzy snowy sound the radio makes when it’s not tuned in, and when the class room is noisy (and by golly it was noisy in there this morning), the hearing aid is squealing loudly in his ear.

He was so reluctant to keep it on that I ended up bringing it home with me. I’ve had a listen and I can hear a squealing noise too…

I feel like we’ve really not been given much information about it at all. I don’t know if this is normal. I don’t know what to expect and I certainly don’t know what to tell Jai to do.

It’s frustrating and I really hope it’s something simple that can be altered to fix the noises he can hear through his right ear.

So that is where we are at.

Confused, disappointed and anxious…



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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      You can tell Jai it looks very cool :) and I'm so happy he can hear better now. I hope they get it right soon though and adjust it for him correctly! Often with the oldies down at work if it is squealing, it is turned up too loud and the volume needs to be adjusted. I'm not sure what Jai's set up is, because it looks very different to the ones at work and if it is easily changed or not, but that's usually what I find with the ones down there. It sounds like he is happy with it otherwise! :)

    2. Hi Jac, so glad he now has his hearing aid, and can hear clearly again, From what I know from one of my old friends that uses an aid that looks a bit like Jai's, he does something to adjust his when it makes this noise, not sure what but if you ring his clinic, they will be able to tell you what to do. hope this helps Loads of love to you all Joan xxx

    3. Sandy Burton

      Thats fantastic news yay :-)

    4. Poor Jai and poor you!! Maybe the frequency isn't right Jacqui? Not sure as I've never encountered anyone in my family to have to use that. But sounds like that's the issue his hearing aid might be having? Norlin recently posted...Rejuvenate for Spring: Healthy Bones & Tabata WorkoutMy Profile

    5. Vanessa

      I'm really sorry your son had a bad start with his experience with hearing aids. I have worn them since I was 4 years old and would be a very different person, especially academically without them. The issues he's experiencing are due to them not being fine tuned at the initial fitting appointment. I hope it's been resolved now. I worked in a hearing clinic many years ago and wrote a booklet for parents about troubleshooting their children's hearing aid problems but unfortunately I was not able to take it with me when I left. I really should sit down and write it again and advertise it because I know the limited information you receive after being a client of Australian hearing until I turned 21. If you would like some tips and info I'm happy to provide it, just email me.

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