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Jai Turns 7 – The Lego Party!

Thursday, 19th May 2011

Jai Turns 7 – The Lego Party!

On the 15th of May 2011 we celebrated Jai’s 7th Birthday with a Lego Themed Party.

Now when I asked Jai what kind of party he wanted, I would have put a bucket load of money on a Transformers theme or even a Ben 10 set up, but no, the boy insisted that Lego was the only way to go. And there was no convincing him otherwise!!!

So I racked my brain for several hours on how I would accomplish such a feat….

The Table!
Lego Placemats!
Table with Plates & Hats
To set the table I used 2 yellow and one blue disposable plastic table cloths. For each of the table settings I created a placemat by designing and printing out and A4 Lego picture and laminating each sheet.

I added yellow serviettes, red cups, red forks and spoons and a sparkly plate and hat (in gold, blue, red & green) to each space.

We also hung a string of balloons above the table for added decoration!


Pass the Parcel.
The first game we played was Pass the Parcel. In each layer I hid a giant punch balloon and a chocolate gold coin. Each boy had a turn of unwrapping a layer as the music stopped.


Bobs & Statues!

Outdoor snack table!
After we played the favourite Pass the Parcel, we got the boys moving with an outdoor game (or 2) of Bobs & Statues. This was fantastic as the boys were full of energy and it let them wear some of it off before we came back inside.

They were happy to take turns on all the outdoor equipment and nibble from the snack table we had placed outside.


Mars Bar Slice with Pin Wheels!
Lets Eat!
Lego Gingerbread Men!

Whilst the boys ate their lunch, I had my husband and best mate take 40 snack sized ziplock bags filled with Lego pieces out into the backyard and hide them everywhere!

Once everyone had finshed eating I announced that there would be a Lego Treausre Hunt in the yard. The person who collected the most bags of Lego was the winner!

So the excitedly lined up at the back door waiting for my signal to GO GO GO!

They had a blast running this way and that way in search of the bags of Lego!


The Lego Treasure Hunt!

Each child also got a winner medal for joining in the game!


Pinata Time!

After the Lego Hunt it was time to do the Pinata. After the baseball bat incident from Aria’s party, we opted for a much lighter whacking stick, which allowed each child to have a go….. I did however ask the boys to take it easy on their first turn so everyone had a chance….

Hmmmmm Anyone want to finish painting my house??? LOL

Levi Lego Man???

I just had to add in this picture of Levi after the pinata had been broken open….. Hilarious Child! LOL


Present Time!!!

At long last after 2 hours of nagging I finally gave in and allowed ‘PRESENT TIME’ to begin!!! Hahahahha it was in the plan all along…. I just like to string the excitement out as long as i can!!!


Jai's Lego Cake!

Here is the Lego cake that I created out of sponge cake and marshmellows. The boys LOVED it!!!


Make a Wish Jai!
Lego Cake!

After the cake, to calm the boys down we put on a Lego Movie (Think it was called Hero Factory), and gave them each a movie style box of pop corn!


Movie Time!

The Loot Bags!

I found these loot bags on a clearance table at a party supply shop. I added Balloons, Bubbles, Lollypops, Cheap Lego, Party Popper, Pencils and a balloon on a stick (Balloons were blown up).

They also took home their Lego Placemats, a piece of cake and their assorted prizes.


The boys all gave the party rave reviews so I’m classing it as a great big success!!!







    Written by:

    1. Emily

      Hi Jac, we only heard rave reviews from our little party goer - well done! Emily

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Em! Glad he had an awesome time! xo

    3. Jess M

      Jacqui your a gun :) you put so much work into your childrens parties and they look amazing! I do believe in december i will be nagging you for ideas :-) All looks amazing you both did a wonderful job!! Hope the kids slept well for you! x

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Jess! Ask away, I'll have recovered by December!!!! LOL :-)

    5. Joanie Hart

      Jai is a very lucky little boy, the cake is lovely and what a good time had by all xxxxxxxx

    6. Jai is a very lucky little boy, his cake is great (you clever girl) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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