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Mischief & Memories ~ An Elf On The Shelf Collection 2013

Friday, 13th December 2013

Mischief & Memories ~ An Elf On The Shelf Collection 2013

Welcome to ELF ON THE SHELF 2013.

If you’re a blogger and have shared your elf’s antics, be sure to link up to this post and share the elf love!

December 1st saw our elf Alfredo arrive for another year of mayhem and this time he brought a very special surprise with him….

Elves Day 1 2013

Meet Ally, Alfredo’s wife. She has come to help juggle all the elfy type work that needs to be done here at Chaos HQ.

This time last year…

Elf day 1 and 2 2012

When our elf Alfredo arrived in 2012 for the first time, he gave plenty of his attention to our beautiful blonde angel. He took her camping in a Christmas stocking and carried her all the way to the top of the tree. I guess now that Alfredo is a happily married elf, he’ll be leaving our angel alone! HAHAHA

Elves day 2 2013

Ally and Alfredo gave the MonsterSquad a friendly reminder that although chocolate advent calendar time had started, it’s important to remember to scrub those teeth each and every day!

The MonsterSquad loved this reminder and have been brushing with enthusiasm morning and night, without complaints, since.

This time last year…

Elf day 3 & 4 2012

Day 3 & 4 in 2012 saw Alfredo have a ball with all of our Christmas lollies. The cheeky little elf ate HEAPS!!! Lucky he made up for it the next morning with a glass full of Hershey’s Kisses to make up for his nonsense!

Elves day 3 2013

After a massive week at Chaos HQ, the house was looking like we had been robbed. Seems I’m not the only one that can’t stand the mess everywhere. The threat of the Naughty List got the kids moving after-school and they had their jobs done in no time.

Thank you Ally and Alfredo, your help was much appreciated!!!

Elves day 4 2013

Although the elves like to encourage good routines and behaviors occasionally around here, let’s just be a little realistic now…. They’re still cheeky little elves and by cheeky I mean, ‘Monsters In The Making’!!!! This morning, Alfredo was busted with my advent calendar gummies all over his face!!! How Rude!

Elves day 5 2013

It was a late night when the elves stayed up to watch you tube Christmas Carol clips into the wee hours…. I hope that’s all they were watching while they were unsupervised!!!

This time last year…

Elf day 5 & 6 2012

Alfredo tried to stop the MonsterSquad from watching too much early morning TV. Despite blocking the screen for a full 24hrs, he did not succeed in his efforts as they just all sat with their heads tilted watching the TV shows around him!!!

And as for that noisy Dinosaur Train…. Alfredo managed to give the batteries a rest for an entire day as we caught him cruising the hallway with some Dinosaur friends.

Elves day 6 2013

There’s nothing quite like the magic of snow, and just to surprise the Monsters this one morning, our elves Ally and Alfredo arrived back from their nightly Santa visit with a fresh sample straight from the North Pole. Isn’t it fantastic how the snow holds shape and doesn’t melt everywhere once they use their elfy magic on it so it can travel with them??!!!??? Just awesome!!

Elves day 7 2013

A week in to the mischief, Ally and Alfredo were forced to let the Monsters know that they had been banned from using the lounge room until further notice. After an afternoon of chaos and destruction the day before, the MonsterSquad were lucky they didn’t find themselves on the Naughty List once and for all!!!

This time last year…

Elf day 7 & 8 2012

Rounding up our first ever week of elfy chaos in 2012, Alfredo spoiled the Monsters with their favourite breakfast cereal, to make up for the mess he made in their Ballet/Dance suitcase the night before. I suppose after all the dance concerts, he just wanted to be a part of all the action….. including the make-up! Cheeky little elf!!!

Stay Tuned for the next chapter in our Elf On The Shelf antics!

If you blog about your elf, be sure to link up so we can see what they’ve been up to. Whether you’ve written one post or 6 we’d love for you to keep on adding them for 2013!!


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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      There are such great antics that these elves get up to, I can't wait to see everyone's links!

    2. This is adorable! Love your antics, this is such a fresh post. :) Looking forward to more of your Elf On The Shelf antics!

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