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Monday Motivation – A Fresh Start.

Monday, 4th July 2011

Monday Motivation – A Fresh Start.

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When I first started to blog, I would often do a page each Monday stating the things I would like to achieve each week.

As life became more and more hectic, I was running out of time, chaos was taking over and Monday became less and less about motivation and more about survival… Hahahaha

I am taking a step back in the ‘stress zone’ in order to take a heap of steps forward in life itself.

What does this mean?

Well a lot more of what I love doing and a lot less stressing about things that don’t ‘really’ matter. Becoming more and more organised each day to allow myself ample time to do the things that are important to me as a person, not just me as a mum.

There is a great big fear that as my children grow older and older and need me less and less, I will have lost the individual I am in amongst the daily grind of being a parent. So I might as well start preserving me now!

In saying that, I still have a large family to look after and a house to maintain so I am not going to set my goals really high each week. Especially since I am still in the ‘becoming organised’ phase!

Here is this weeks MONDAY MOTIVATION list:

* Finish Levi’s bedroom with the help of my hubby.

* Walk at least 4 times during the week.

* Complete 5 Blog posts.

* List some items on eBay.

Just a few simple things that will make me happy.

Now the big question is, What is on your Monday Motivation list this week?



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    1. I love this, like a virtual to-do list. Will make the week easier knowing what you want to accomplish :)

    2. Elizabeth

      Hi this sounds like a great idea something I need to be is more motivated... I have just discovered this wonderful site "Common Chao Chronicle" and I think it is wonderful just the thing for me to read and to get tips from , it is truely a great help to a mother of four children who does not have a big social network and who likes to hear and see what others with kids are doing... I also love all the recipe ideas .. i will be a regular visitor to this..Thankyou

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