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Monster Month of Meals – LUNCH Edition – With Printable List!!!

Wednesday, 29th June 2011

Monster Month of Meals – LUNCH Edition – With Printable List!!!

A few weeks ago I typed up a list of 30 dinner ideas, to help with those “Argh what’s for tea?’ moments, and to also help make meal planning a quick and easy task.

Much to my surprise, this list was a raging success! I had so many new ‘likers’ on myΒ  Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page, all flattering my ego with kind words of how helpful this list was.

So I got to thinking, perhaps a list of easy lunch time foods could be a winner too. Especially during the school holidays where some of us have the whole tribe home.

So after a little brain storming, here is what I have come up with.

(Since beginning my weight-loss challenge, I will now be preparing lunches and meals with low fat variants of items such as cheese, milk etc… and watching portion sizes)

1. Salad Sandwich

2. Sausage Roll

3. Nachos

4. Spagetti Jaffles

5. Cheese & Bacon Rolls

6. Wedges & Sour Cream

7. Cafe’ Style Raisin Toast

8. Soup & Bread

9. Chicken & Avocado Focaccia

10. Egg & Lettuce Sandwich

11. Meat Pie

12. 2 Min Noodles

13. Last night’s Left Overs

14. Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich

15. Steamed Dim Sims

16. Salada with Spreads

17. Biscuits & Cheese

18. Pastie

19. Flavoured Tuna Sandwich

20. Salad Wraps

21. English Muffin Pizzas

22. Chicken Nuggets & Oven Baked Chips

23. Crumpets

24. Hots Dogs

25. Baked Beans On Toast

26. Green Salad or Caesar Salad

27. Meat & Salad Roll

28. Frozen Microwave Meal

29. Macaroni & Cheese

30. Pancakes

I have created an A4 Printable List that has both the Lunch Ideas and the Dinner Ideas on the one page.

Print it here: 30 Easy Lunch & Dinner Meals List!

(the link will take you to another Common Chaos page, then click on the Pink writing)

So I hope that helps with some lunch planning, as well as dinner planning too.



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    1. Staki

      I always struggle with lunch! Thanks for the list. I'm thinking wedges for tomorrow. Used to always buy them when I was able to lunch out....home made sounds good. Now if I could just print from my phone is be happy. Hope I remember this in the morning!

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