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Mummy – Daughter Day at the MYER Giftorium.

Saturday, 8th November 2014

Mummy – Daughter Day at the MYER Giftorium.

*This post is brought to you by Myer, Kids Business and Common Chaos Chronicle*

Sometimes living in a large family can get tough.

For the most part though, it’s fun, it’s loud and you’re never ever lonely, but once in a while the tough sets in and we all need that special one on one time and some dedicated attention.

Lately our (not so) little Aria has been having a rough time adjusting to life as an awkward ‘Pre-Teen’ and after several weeks of upset, I decided it was time to insist on a ‘mental health day’ and take her with me to the MYER Giftorium launch event in Melbourne.

Aria and Jac On Train

Lets face it, which kid wouldn’t want a day off school, 2 train rides, meals out and about of their choice, 12+ hours of one on one alone time with mum and to embrace the Christmas spirit in every way possible???

I had tried every thing else to connect with Aria and this was the one thing I had left up my sleeve.

Taking the day to ourselves meant a 7.30am departure time from the train station, and the entire day together until we arrived back home by train at 8.40pm in the evening, so we had plenty of time to just chill, talk uninterrupted and make that connection that can sometimes be lost in amongst the chaos.

And that we did.

As we arrived at MYER in Bourke Street we were greeted by giant stilt wearing elves that pointed us in the right direction towards the brand new MYER Giftorium.


What’s a ‘Giftorium’ I hear you say?

Well, it’s an entire level in Myer of Christmas decorations, pop-up stores and fun friendly entertainment to help make the often time consuming and stressful part of buying presents a whole lot easier.

If you’re umming and ahhhing about what to get someone, there are dedicated Gifticians on hand to help you with suggestions, gift selections and even gift wrapping.

Plus, if you’re looking to send a gift to someone in the city, close by to the store (within 2km) you can have a very special Myer Elf deliver your gift for free. How awesome is that???


The lovely folk at SodaStream were there showcasing their brand new soft drink machines and flavour capsules, and much to our shock and surprise, we were gifted a personalised SodaStream machine of our own colour choice and watched them build it right there in front of us! Definitely a unique gift to give someone this Chrissy.

Soda Stream

The Mr Men & Little Miss character stand was also a huge hit where you can have your own special piece of personalised artwork created. I loved the Little Miss Jacqui picture that was given to me, however Aria seemed to think that I should have been given one that looked like Mr Messy that said Little Miss Chaos!!! Hahaha, the girl really does have a good point!

Mr Men at Myer

We had a great time checking out all the different displays, catching up with fellow bloggers and Aria even had an Elf teach her how to spin plates…. oh please don’t try that at home Aria!!!! πŸ˜‰

Plate Spinning Elf

There really was loads and loads to look at and try at the Myer Giftorium, and my best advice would be to head down to your local Myer store and have a wander through yourself. There is bound to be something there that will rock your socks off!


As for the rest of our Mummy-Daughter Day, we had lunch with my dear buddy Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags, wandered the city streets of Melbourne checking out stores like Kikki-K, Typo, Smiggle and Rubi Shoes (yep, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to shopping for Aria and I!) and we caught a tram or two around the place.

We found a cute little coffee house and had coffee and milkshakes, ate dinner without the usual nonsense at home and caught the train home chatting about all the funny things we had seen throughout the day.

Special moments like this are few and far between and we’ll both cherish that special time together for ages to come!


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