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Some Fun Family Time – JULY 2013 – Wordless Wednesday.

Wednesday, 21st August 2013

Some Fun Family Time – JULY 2013 – Wordless Wednesday.

July saw our home town get colder and colder…. So much so that it snowed up Mount Cole!

We drove up for some icy snow fun, and it was also the first time I had ever seen or touched real snow.

Snow 1 Border

snow 2 Border

Snow 3 Border

snow 4 Border

snow 5 Border

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    1. Aaaah...snow! They're just loads of fun for both the little AND big kids huh? I remember the first time ever I played with and in the snow was a few years back and let's just say...snowball fights (Mr. C did not spare me at all!) were the best bits! Norlin recently posted...Simple Nail Art Ideas: Adding Texture With Fuzz & Floral ParadiseMy Profile

    2. These pictures looks great. I would love to head to the snow one day! Tegan recently posted...The beginingMy Profile

    3. Oh looks so much fun! It seems to have grown colder in the last 2 days despite Winter being almost over?!

    4. I love the snow and I miss it. I miss the feeling of fingers that go numb. I miss the crunch it makes when you walk. What a wonderful day, it looks like everyone had so much fun :) Lady Daa Doo recently posted...A Thwarted InvasionMy Profile

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