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Taking On Too Much.

Monday, 27th February 2012

Taking On Too Much.

Are you guilty of taking on too much at once?

I know I am.

It has really hit home today as I am feeling a little like death warmed up.

I have come down with a horrible cold/flu type thing.

Something that I would never wish upon a pregnant woman. There’s very little I can do to relieve my symptoms and I know me, and when I feel like this it usually turns into a chest infection that will last for months.

You see I could point the finger and lay the blame as I know where this bug has come from, but it really is my own fault after all.

I should have been honest with myself and everyone else in the first place. I should have said I am just not up to all of this.

I feel like I have pretty much reached total burn out.

I am spreading myself far too thin (once again- bad habit of mine) and have hit the wall at a thousand miles an hour.

Life has been busy here lately.

Not just the usual busy but we have had a few massive changes that I have had to become accustomed to.

Big daunting changes for me that have had me on my toes emotionally, physically and mentally around 18 hours a day.

We have had financial strain and worry for the last few months due to unforeseen circumstances and the catch up that we’re facing causes me even more stress I don’t need.

The monsters have been testing me, day in and day out. No doubt due to the fact that children can sense when we’re down and out.

My day to day responsibilities as a housewife are getting the better of me and the task to get on top of it all again often leaves me in tears.

To top it off I have taken on even more responsibilities to help with the financial strain.

I am craving time out more and more each day.

I’d love to just ‘make’ some time for some relaxation but at the moment there is just no time left.

So where to from here?

I am going to force myself to say no.

No, I am sorry but I cannot take on any more right now.

It’s something that I have always struggled with. It seems like I have been on a never ending quest not to let people down.

I was once told a quote that went something like this:

Happy Mothers = Happy Others.

Happy Wife = Happy Life.

It’s going to be my motto from now on. I might even make up a sign and print it out.

It’s time to take a slice back for me, starting with a day of rest and hopefully some improvement in my health.

I think as a parent and as a partner, we all sometimes bite off more than we can chew.

What do you do in these situations?

Do you also struggle to say NO?

Are you always the last priority on your list of importance?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.









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    1. I do struggle to say no...and sometimes it comes to a head and everything crashes down around me. I honestly don't know how you do it. I struggle with two children. Here's to being brave and saying no occasionally.

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      I think what has really hit home for me this time is that it is me and my family that suffer when I take on too much.

    3. Oh I hear you. I've had to really practice saying no after last year where I took on far too much. It is such a struggle.

    4. Yes, same hard to say no. But I know I've got a limit and if I'm struggling to remember simple things, I KNOW I've got too much on. I've streamlined my kids' after school activities so that it won't be a burden to me and make me hate having to send them there. So far, fingers crossed, doing well.

    5. Oh YES I totally understand where you are coming from - unfortunately!!!!! Arggghhh i DO NOT know how to say no, it is actually something i want to start working on, but cant seem to do it! I struggle to keep everyone happy - even strangers sometimes, i am in a job i hate because i feel obligated to my boss (which i shouldn't) and i let everyone walk all over me - WHY??? I dont know...... and yes it all comes crashing down and i often find myself crying in the shower and very stressed as i try and navigate keeping everyone happy. If only we could treat ourselves as we do others!!! Take care and i hope you can start saying no - or maybe you should start with "maybe"!!!!!! :)

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      I hope so to Paula. Maybe it is something we can work on together :-)

    7. It's hard to say no. I've only recently been making more of an effort to do what's good for me and not try and please everyone else to the point where I find myself getting sick and depressed. Take it easy, chick! x

    8. I constantly put everyone elses needs ahead of my own.. I but my mental and physical health at risk but I cant seem to stop.. I need to realise that my health must come first because without me everyone else can not keep going. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon

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