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Target’s New GRAPHITE Range For Men Gives MonsterSquad Dad A Wardrobe Makeover!

Wednesday, 30th October 2013

Target’s New GRAPHITE Range For Men Gives MonsterSquad Dad A Wardrobe Makeover!

**This is a sponsored post for Target Australia**

Recently TARGET released a new range of Plus-Sized Men’s Clothing labeled ‘GRAPHITE’ and MonsterSquad Dad was given the opportunity to road test them on Common Chaos Chronicle.

Brian Mix n match

Now this was not an opportunity I would pass up in a long shot. Let’s just say that where fashion, and style come into play, MonsterSquad Dad is far too busy playing his Playstation to be concerned about what’s hot and what’s not.

Clothes and Style just aren’t his ‘thing’, which makes it incredibly difficult when attending fancy events like weddings and parties. As long as he’s feeling comfortable, that’s all that matters, but the paint and grease splattered work clothes he spends 98% of his time in just don’t cut it on a night out.

It’s not uncommon to find that, what hangs on the racks in most ‘Big Men’ departments, looks like a cross between a circus tent and a potato sack. Just like so many plus-sized women’s clothes do too!!!

I know for a fact that MonsterSquad Dad would not be seen dead in a hawaiian floral shirt and so on, which is why we were totally impressed when we went in store at Target to check out what the Graphite range had to offer those in the larger size bracket.

Brian Outfit 1

There’s nothing quite like walking in to a store and knowing you’re headed straight towards a sign that screams ‘you’re in the fat section’. Target have eliminated this feeling with their Graphite Branding! Graphite sounds modern, edgy and fashionable. An instant plus!

The designs are fresh, and pretty much look like a larger version of the clothes in the smaller size bracket. This is important to MonsterSquad Dad as he has often refused to purchase new clothes in his size simply because they look like ‘old man clothes’.

The Graphite summer range offer a variety of designs that vary between modern print t-shirts, denim & cargo shorts, right through to basic polo shirts. There’s pretty much something for everyone.

Brian Outfit 2

Target’s Plus-size range starts at 3xl and goes through to a 7xl. MonsterSquad Dad is in the first couple of sizes, and with the new designs Target have, it makes the transition between the regular section and the larger section much less noticeable, and much better on his self esteem!

Price wise, we found them to be fairly reasonable and on par with other department type stores. Instantly we could tell the quality of the fabrics was much higher, in comparison to the clothes we had purchased last summer in another store for a similar price. The T-shirt fabric was thicker and held it’s shape through the wash. Yey!

Brian Outfit 3

We deliberately selected clothes that MonsterSquad Dad could mix and match with each other to get more outfit variety from our purchases.

On top of our Graphite clothes purchase, we also selected some Piping Hot Skate Shoes from Target’s Shoe Section, which co-ordinate perfectly to go with the new clothes. It pays to check out the whole store! πŸ˜‰

I don’t know about you guys, but I think he looks awesome in his new gear. It makes an huge difference compared to the ‘work clothes’ he normally wears!

If you have a bigger man in your life you need to spoil this coming Christmas, be sure to check out Target’s Graphite range.

Target Clothes

*Clothes gifted by Target Australia

So, will you be checking out Target’s PLUS SIZE Mens Range this coming Summer?


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    1. It's great that Target has introduced and re-named the larger sizes for men, much like the women's range. What's even better is the fact that the designs are just like the smaller sizes only in larger sizes. If you get what I mean. Norlin recently posted...Quick And Easy Meals To Keep You Away from Take AwaysMy Profile

    2. Krystal Ferguson

      Now behave yourself Brian! No painting in your new clothes!

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