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The 30 Things Challenge – Things I Know…..

Friday, 24th August 2012

The 30 Things Challenge – Things I Know…..

Last Friday Dorothy over at Singular Insanity issued a challenge.

Thirty Things

Seems that she wants us to list 30 things we like about ourselves, our positive qualities…. oh dear, this could take a while.

If you want to get the complete low down on why she’s issued this challenge, you can find out more by reading her post HERE.

Ok, so here goes….

1. I’m quite creative.

2. I am a good listener.

3. I am honest.

4. I am caring.

5. I learn new tasks fairly quick – except for Photoshop!

6. I’m a good mum.

7. I cook a great lasagne.

8. ….

Oh crap I was hoping to get a little further than 8.

Ohwell, perhaps it’s something I can work on over time. It really is a hard task to complete when you struggle so bad with self esteem issues.

If I come up with extras I will add them later on.

How would you go if you tried to list 30 things?

Go ahead, give it a go!


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    1. I know there is more than 8! You need to add that you're a good friend. The rest will come. You just need to focus.

    2. I am sure there is more than 8 as well though it was awesome that being a good mum was on your list, I always love hearing mothers acknowledge how great they are. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

    3. I've met you once I a reckon I could write the list for you. You're awesome. Maybe just write that for the other 22 :)

    4. Keep trying Jac :) Try to add one a day! You have much to be proud of xx

    5. I hope you will keep adding to the list as i imagine there are many more than 30 awesome things about you!

    6. juggle really well - hello! how many kids have you got again?! You know when things go wrong & you look for solutions. You ask for help when needed. You are a sincerely nice person. You have a good heart. You are very forgiving. You are open to new ideas. You are willing to learn. Do I need to go on? ;)

    7. as the others have said i am sure there are more than eight - having said that, i totally understand how hard it is sometimes to come up with just three, let alone ten times that!! x

    8. Lee

      Keep at it, it took me a couple of months to finish my list... I started in June as part of the 30 day self care plan. Once you get past some blocks you will get there. x

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