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The Amazing Hair Cut Rescue Mission of 2011.

Thursday, 4th August 2011

The Amazing Hair Cut Rescue Mission of 2011.

Last Sunday was a quiet day in our house. My hubby and I had returned from our Blogopolis trip to Melbourne, exhausted and in need of more rest. The kids were content playing in the yard and I was snuggly and relaxed in the house.

Sounds rather peaceful and serene doesn’t it?Β  But we all know life at Chaos Central is never QUIET!!! Never, never, ever!

The quiet should have been a dead giveaway that something bad was about to happen.

I’m even considering installing some kind of alarm system that sounds when the noise level drops below a certain level.

Veruca's Hair before Zafirah cut it!
Veruca & her best mate. Hair from before the CUT!!!
As I listen from the other room, I hear the words……. “Dad, Zaffy cut my hair”.

No! I reassured myself that surely I had heard that sentance wrong but as soon as Brian (my hubby) spoke, I knew it must have been true.

Veruca meandered in the room looking sheepish and upset.

The damage Part 1

The damage part 2 - Chunks everywhere

The damage part 3 - Big chop out of the side!

And for every good reason too. It wasn’t just a ‘cut’, Veruca was missing solid chunks off her 4 and a half year old head. The long haired child I saw at breakfast time now had a pixie-like fringe…..

I was mad, really mad, and felt like I could cry an entire river.

Needless to say, Zafirah spent a whole big chunk of her afternoon on Time-Out, and when I questioned why she cut her sisters hair, I’ll give you one guess as to her reason…..

“Because Veruca asked me to cut her hair mum, she did….. really….”


The weapon of choice!
So on Tuesday we headed off to our hairdresser in hope of a cure for the tragic state of this child’s hair. We booked an appointment for Thursday (today) and hoped that she would get through the following few days with minimal funny looks and sideways glances.

That brings us to this afternoon. After several minutes of chopping and shaping, Veruca came out of the salon looking a million bucks! OK, well probably not one million, but a damn side better than when she went in!!! Like the hairdresser said, “I canΒ  only work with what’s there”.

Verucas new short hair cut!

Verucas razored fringe

Verucas hair cut - back

And what a great job she did!

This was our first ever scissor/hair cutting incident. It really did take me by surprise.Β  Do you have any funnyΒ  hair-cut related stories to share?

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    1. my brother did this to me when we were kids. my mum almost died, i think. he was in big trouble! i think your hairdresser did a great job - she looks really cute with that hair-do!

    2. Trudy

      When I was about 4 (my sister 6), sesame street were teaching us all about co-operation! So we co-operated, and cut each others hair. I'll see if I can find a picture and facebook it to you. So our long (very girly looking) hair, went to a practical boy-look. My mother swears that for the next few weeks she just wanted to dress us as boys, cause thats what we looked like! With my 2 (touchwood) we have had no haircutting incidents!

    3. Karen

      Yes! 3 Stories, one for each child actually! hahaha. My first daughter cut her own fridge, shortly after I'd done the proper job of getting it away from her eyes (she looked similar to your daughter in the pic) only a few days before her baby brother was born, so their first photo's are a laugh. My son, at a similar age, then decided to cut a chunk of hair at the scalp of his cowlick on his forehead. Third child then decided to cut her hair, also at 3yrs of age, but took a whole quarter of her head down to an inch from her scalp. So imagine her hair parted, the fringe down to her ear and back to middle of her head. 8mths on and it's still being styled out with each hair cut. All with the lovely craft scissors. They're usually up high for these reasons, then we get relaxed as they manage to complete craft activities without any events, then CHOP, too late, back up high they go! LOL.

    4. samantha West

      My Three year old cut a chunk out of her own hair, and then she decided to cut the dolls hair it was not too bad, but a big chunk at the front.... i had to cut it really short

    5. Jac, i It does look very cute, the hairdresser has done a really good job. Her hair seems to look darker too since it has been cut xx

    6. Very adorable! I liked the new hairstyle! We're having a hard time doing a haircut to my nephew. He's always crying and shaking his head when he's having his haircut in a salon! Bound for Style recently posted...Hello world!My Profile

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