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The Big Plan….

Saturday, 28th May 2011

The Big Plan….

This morning I woke feeling very average. Seems my recent plaster sanding efforts have induced what feels nothing less than a fierce dose of Bronchitis. I’m struggling to breathe, my nose cant make up it’s mind if its running or blocked and I feel like I have a tonne of bricks on my chest.

Obviously, rest is out of the question. Mum’s just aren’t allowed to get sick!

It is so typical for me to fall ill when I’m in the middle of doing something… or in the middle of doing close to 100 things….. Arghh….

So it all started with a grand idea…. Now when i say the words “I have an idea” my dearest and nearest duck for cover. It’s not that my ideas are silly or extravagant, they’re always thought out with the best intentions, it just usually means a lot of work for everyone around me.

My plan was great! It went a little something like this….

Convert into TV Cabinet!

*Paint old wall unit and revamp it into a TV Cabinet by adding shelves.

*Move old TV unit and create the base of a new bag rack out of it.

* Buy some shelves and get Brian to build them for the new bag rack.

* Move our uniform station cupboard and combine it with the new bag rack.

*Put the old uniform station into Arias bedroom – paint at a later date.

The Office Explosion!

*Move all the office stuff that has been dumped in Arias room out into a different space.

*Sort through Office Junk.

*Move the turtle tank to where uniform station was.

* Set up new bag/uniform rack where the turtle tank was.

* Finish off our recent renovation/replaster job.

*Set up Levi in the new area.

The Old Bag Rack!

Ok, so it’s a big plan…. but totally achieveable with a little help.

Only problem is , is that I am exhausted. I’m wheezing so bad from my afternoon out and about that I think the only sensible thing for me doΒ  this evening is to finish this blog post and head to bed. SAD BUT TRUE…..

Except I cant, half done jobs irritate me. They eat at me until I give in and get them done. I have my dining room in pieces, my lounge room in pieces, Aria’s room looks like officeworks exploded in it and I have half ‘sorted’ piles everywhere…..

Why oh why must I get so crook in the midst of rearranging half the flaming house???? Grrrrrr.

So with out further ado… I shall be off to pester the hubby to help me move a few things around before I call it a night.

One thing done today is one less thing we have to do tomorrow…..




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