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The Ever-Growing Zoo at CHAOS HQ- Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, 28th September 2011

The Ever-Growing Zoo at CHAOS HQ- Wordless Wednesday!

My Little Drummer Boys

It’s Wordless Wednesday once again and today I’m sharing some photos of our pets!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Giant Kissing Gourami Fish

This is my Kissing Gourami Fish. I’ve had him for approx 3 years now.

Our Cat Chilli with Veruca

This is Chilli, with my daughter Veruca (Hahahaha flash eyes!!!)

Our Cat Hendrix

This is Hendrix, our other cat.

MIshka our Husky

It’s Mishka, our adopted Husky.


One of our pet turtles.This is one of my pet Eastern Long Neck Turtles. We have 3.


It’s Scrappy, our Pomeranian Cross!

Its Scrappy the Pomeraininan Cross

Scooby-Doo and Brian.Brian with Scooby! Our RSPCA rescue pup. Apparently he’s a Jack Russell… Not sure the vet at that RSPCA knew what they were doing… He’s a whippet/greyhound cross….

Ernie, the Oscar Fish

This is Ernie. He’s now nearing a foot long. Brian purchased him as an inch long black fish and we have grown him this big so far. It is Brian pride and joy and he is now talking about getting him a much bigger tank…. :-S ( I will find some better photos of him soon.)

We also have a rabbit and a guinea pig to add to the collection aswell as other tropical fish!

So welcome to the Chaos HQ Zoo!!



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    1. You certainly have quite a zoo there. Hope they all get on well.

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      The dogs are a bit funny together, but on a whole they all behave themselves!!! :0)

    3. So jealous of all your pets. Adorable!

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      I'd have more if I could afford to feed them all!!! LOL, I really want a property with some land so I can get a Llama. It's a dream of mine.... LOL

    5. Far out! You have a lot of pets there! We have one dog and she makes enough work for me!

    6. Dr Doolittle! We are still deliberating about getting just one dog!

    7. I love your menagerie , chilli has similar colouring to my cat Mia.

    8. Love all those animals.

    9. Wow thats a lot of animals you have!! Love the fishes! My hubby cant wait to have a tank full again!

    10. Wow you do have a lot of pets! they all look gorgeous! Ive always wanted a husky.. gorgeous dog! x

    11. Oh I love your tortoise shell cat! Beautiful! happy WW!

    12. Gosh what a collection! I'd love lots of animals but we are a bit short on space. Sigh. One day

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