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The Good, The Bad & The Freaking Awesome Things About Blogopolis 2011.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Freaking Awesome Things About Blogopolis 2011.

A while back I booked a ticket. I nervously clicked the ‘purchase now’ button as I had no idea what to expect. Was I too new to go? Would I know anyone? Would I understand the jargon they would go on about?

With butterflies in my belly, I turned to my hubby and stated, I’m going to BLOGOPOLIS!!!!

Over the next few weeks my excitement was building. I was looking forward to a night out in Melbourne with my hubby, but most of all, I was looking forward to meeting some people that just plain ‘understood’ all about the blogosphere. With plans in place, we headed down to Melbourne on the Friday morning for a pre arranged meeting with some very awesome ladies!

For those of you that don’t know, I am part of a Facebook Page Team called The Shrinking Housewife. The page was started by Katrina, writer of The Organised Housewife blog. Its there to motivate parents on their weight-loss journey, and with the help of Jodie from, we’ve really established quite a community of ‘shrinkies’.

The shrinking Housewife team
Jodie, Kat & Me!

So at lunchtime on friday, The shrinking Housewife Team came together for the very first time! It was so fantastic to meet Kat & Jodie, we had a lovely lunch together and even avoided The Chocolate Box shop that was near by!

Later that afternoon, I rediscovered my love of shopping in Melbourne. I didn’t buy much, I just loved checking everything out. I can’t wait to head back again soon for a real shopping splurge!!!

Friday night saw my hubby and I catching up with Kat again over dinner at the Match Bar & Grill. The meal was lovely, although very very spicy!!! hahaha. Pre-drinks were held at this venue as well. I hadn’t pre booked my ticket to this event as I was unsure of plans right up until the last minute, but with no offence to the lovely organisers, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

It was packed, I felt so squished and unable to move. The lights were dim and the noise was far worse than my house on Christmas morning.Β  A lot to deal with for someone that lives on a quarter acre house block. I couldn’t see anyone I might recognise, I couldn’t get to them if I did and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to hear them very well over the thumping music.

Tip for the future: Bigger & Slightly Quieter Venue next time please!!! LOL

So we left the bar and headed back to the motel for a relaxing spa. Ahhhh BLISS! This overworked mumma was in relaxation heaven. Until the water went cold and she went wrinkly of course. Shortly after that I konked out, totally zonked and in need of a full nights sleep!


BLOGOPOLIS!!!! Ok, What is Blogopolis? It was a full day masterclass conference put on by Nuffnang (Blog Advertising company) covering several important aspects of blogging. It temporarily fried my brain with goodness. It was a massive amount of information to take in and digest, especially for someone new to blogging and totally not computer minded like me, but totally worth every second of the brain fry!

I have come out of that conference with a hugely greater understanding of several key blogging things and I can’t wait to apply some of these things to my blog in the future.

I am going to blog down the rest of this post in dot points.

What I loved about Blogopolis:

* The opportunity to meet some very inspirational bloggers.

* Listening to ProBlogger Darren Rowse talk.

* Grasping the meaning of terms such as SEO – told you I was a newbie LOL.

* All the tips and hints the presenters gave to help improve blog content.

* The rolling Twitter board that kept us all amused and suppressing giggles.


What I think could’ve been better:

* Seating arrangements – I am shy – I find it very hard to talk to people I don’t know, so placing me on a table of total blogging strangers was somewhat daunting and left me wishing there was just one person I had read or even vaguely recognised on my table.

* Name Tags – I know this will sound a little petty, but I felt like I spent a majority of my day squinting at people’s chests trying to catch a glimpse of a name or blog. We were all there for the Nuffnang event, why did the tags have Nuffnang written on them a fair bit larger that peoples names!!! Argh – I missed putting a face/name to so many blogs that I read.

*Morning & Afternoon Tea – I’m a Shrinking Housewife!!!! I’m hardly going to be seen, let alone photographed scoffing down muffins and chocolate mousse am I??? Ok, I dont eat choc mousse anyway but it’s not the point.

Photo Collage Of Levi
I mean really, who could resist the mum calls of my weeniest MOSTER??

*Last whinge – Ok, this one is no ones fault but my own, but it seems I may have missed the most exciting/networking moment of the day. I so wanted to attend Post Blogopolis drinks, but mummy duties came first and I had to head home to whoop whoop to relieve one tired and worn out grandma. So look out next time, I’ll be there with bells on!


The Freaking Awesome:

* Peace my friends, PEACE. A whole 2 days without hearing the word ‘MUM’ whined and whinged at me. Some time for my hubby and I to spend together. And most of all, A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP!!! It may have only been 6 and a half hours but it was uninterrupted, no Levi feet in my face, not a finger stuck up my nose or a stray blanket in sight.

So…. When are we bloggers….errr…..organising another “conference”…… ????? Hehehehe!

Love from Jac picture for the blog




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    1. I agree with lots of the things you've said Jacqui - It was very overwhelming as a reletaive newbie to the social side of blogging and it would have been soo nice to have known someone on my table too. I too am very shy and feel quite uncomfortable in those situations, until I have met peopple for the second time (or have a drink in my hand!) I also missed out on the post drinks, much to my annoyance. Re: the name tags dilema of not being able to read, and feeling awkward staring at people's chests all day is exacty why I got the T-Shirt made. If only everyone else had done the same, it would have been so much easier. The Digital parents Blog Conference is in Melbourne early next year I think, so hopefully we get to hang out and spend more time together at that (if not before!)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks for the comment Jolene. I loved your shirt and can honestly say that you were the only blogger (that I read) that I said a quick hello to during the whole conference. And that's cos I could get to you! LOL. I might just have to get a top made up aswell. Im new to Digital Parents and missed the lunch the other day too. I'll need plenty of reminders.... hint hint!!! Hahahaha!!!

    3. I had that experience too when I went for the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 in Singapore.. besides Arnold (Mr Gadget), I didn't know anyone. But everyone was so friendly and treated me like old friends! (Nicole from PlanningWithKids, Phoebe a.k.a Lady Melbourne, Christie from Childhood 101, Candice from Super Kawaii Mama, and many more!) I'm sure you've met some nice new friends too from the table (I hope) :)

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Michael! Thanks for your comment. I did meet some lovely ladies on my table, but they were pretty much all saying the same thing as me. I was thinking even if we were grouped with bloggers of a similar nature would have been better. But that's just my opinion and like I said I really am quite shy which never helps the situation. I learnt so much from everyone you mentioned, and really can't wait for the next blogging event. I guess next time I will know what to expect and it might not be so scary!! :-)

    5. Sounds good, Hopefully I can make one of these events next time it's on! Pitty you missed the after-drinks!

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      You should totally go to these things Mick! Theres something coming up in Oct..... Excuse for a holiday???

    7. I saw you with Katrina at the Match Bar & Grill didn't realise it was you. I have seen your blog before but can't remember if I've commented. It was very hard to put blogs to faces . Good on you for encouraging the mums wanting to start a weight loss journey.

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Oh wow, I kinda wish you had of come up to us. I knew no one really excepy Kat & Naomi (7 Cherubs). I have trouble remembering who belongs to which blog aswell, but now that I have been to Blogopolis, I feel alot more confident in approaching other bloggers. Next time we'll have to catch up for sure! :-)

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