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Things I Know – A Blogger’s Life

Friday, 14th September 2012

Things I Know – A Blogger’s Life

Linking up with Singular Insanity for another edition of Things I know.

This week I know a few things about the misconceptions people have about blogging, me being a blogger and all the bits in between.

I know that many people assume that my blog is just a time wasting hobby, when in actual fact, I have long ago made the decision to run the blog like a small business.

Yes I spend a lot of time on it and on social media, a lot of time dealing with emails, and a lot of time communicating with my readers and building a strong community around my website, but my website is my way of putting in and providing for my family right now.

By writing my stories and doing some freelance stuff, I have been able to stay home and raise the Monsters these last 18mths, without returning to a childcare job. And that’s what’s important for me right now.

Plus I am lucky to be able to write and do what I love whilst being home with my family.

Perhaps bloggers should change their titles to ‘writers’ or ‘personal journalists’ to be taken seriously.

Blog training starts young these days...

I know that ‘some’ readers (and I highlight the word ‘some’ because the majority are awesome’), think that they know everything and anything that goes on in our lives because they read it on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page or in a blog post.

With Common Chaos Chronicle I try to be as real as I possibly can be. I don’t fluff up the truth and make like a storybook family. Why?

Simply because we’re not. We are who we are, but I am not going to tell you every last moment of what goes on in our days.

Some day’s you would be bored to tears. Other day’s it’s none of your business. And most of all, you just don’t need to know who’s farting when or how loud around the house. (although… could make for a funny post!)

I share what I can openly share and I am always honest with what I write, sponsored posts included.

I just want you to know that for every status update, blog post and comment I make, there’s possibly 200 other things that have happened that have not been shared or are being saved for another day.

I know that some things I write about or photos I share can be taken out of context.

Toys-r-us exploded in our spare room.... no?

For example, I shared a photo of our toy-room that had been pulled apart by the MonsterSquad. It was trashed. Toys from wall to wall and no carpet in sight!

Not long after I shared this photo, I had a reader accuse me of living in filth and squalor. Accusations like that are nothing short or hurtful and mindless.

I have seen filth and squalor. I have seen people live with pet feces on their carpet whilst they have a crawling baby in the house. That my friends is what I call filth.

If all the toys in your local toy shop fell off the shelf and onto the floor, I bet we’d all say “what a mess”, words like filth and squalor are saved for much worse conditions.

So the assumption was made and made publicly that my whole house is filthy because of toys being thrown all over the floor.

Which of course is not the case. I have mess, some untidy, but very far from filth. I think I have made my point.

I know that bloggers love comments.

A comment on a blog post validates the time we have spent writing the post. It shows us that you’ve actually thought your time was worthy enough to read what we have written.

On Common Chaos Chronicle I love to hear from readers that have differing opinions and ideas on things. I believe that’s what make this world so interesting.

If you’re disagreeing or opposed to something that has been written though, leaving verbal abuse and nasty comments on a blog post is automatically rubbing me up the wrong way. It’s rude, disrespectful and childish.

I value opinions, not trash talk. I’m sure many other bloggers are the same.

So that’s what I know this week.

Do you find these things happen to you in your daily life?

Have assumptions been made because of something you have written on Facebook?

Have you been attacked by an ‘internet troll’ before?

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    1. I think I have been pretty lucky blog wise, have had no bad comments I can think off.... but then I don't write a lot of personal stuff on there as well, though that is changing slowly. Have an awesome weekend :)

    2. I agree with what you said Jac ! I've been lucky so far to only have a few hurtful and mindless comments. They are unnecessary. I think some people think we can brush the off but far from it.

    3. glenda davies

      Well said Jacqui @Common Chaos Chronicle

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      This past week is the first I have had stuff like this directed at me. I hope it's the last :-) And you're right, they may think that they're abusing a screen but behind the screen is a real person with thoughts and feelings. Some people are just gutless jerks. xox

    5. Emma

      Very, very true! As for the toy room picture I have 7 kiddies I KNOW what toys rooms that are played in look like! The best thing about them is the toy mess stays out of the rest of the house. I recently turned our toy room back into a bedroom for my teen and the bedrooms are now littered in toys again. I am donating all the toys to charity next week, lol I cant stand it.

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      Here, here! I'm doing the same over the holidays hopefully! So I will cull out the majority before it goes back into the rooms!

    7. I'm nodding my head reading this post. Having a blog shouldn't mean you're a target for nasty comments - I hope you don't get any more of those Jacqui!

    8. Agreed, it's not fair for people to assume things from a teeny snapshot. Glad you are keeping it real & least it shows your kids have toys & what ones toy room can look like after that many kids descend on it ! :-)

    9. This is so true. We may share what appears to be all of our personal lives on our blogs, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There is a lot of stuff that is just too personal, hurtful, or boring to share. And just because we choose to put ourselves "out there", doesn't give anyone the right to judge and abuse us. Well said! Thanks for linking up with Things I Know.

    10. Pht, that's not filth and squalor, PLEASE!! Take your anger elsewhere productive. Kudos to you for standing up to that Jacqui.

    11. Me

      I have had some nasty comments left and I just deleted them because there is a difference between having an opinion different to mine and just being nasty. I am of the opinion, if you are going to say something, say something nice or don't say anything at all. I often wonder if people would actually say out loud, to your face, what they are prepared to say in a comment or on FB or twitter ? And generally I don't think they would. Have the best day - popping over from Things I know. Love, hugs and positive energy ! Me

    12. Some people are just downright mean. Because they are unhappy, they want everyone else to be unhappy too. You don't have to be unhappy or mean back to them. Feel sorry for them but don't worry about what they say. It is just their opinion. If you blog, you will get judgmental people who just think they have to share their opinion with you. Be nice and send them on their way with a smile. When you smile, it makes them even more upset because they didn't snare you into their negativity. I have my blog set up where I have the final say as to whether to even publish someone's comment. I have only refused to publish less than 10 comments over the last 5 years of blogging and 3 of those were recently and nothing but spam. My worst comment on my blog didn't even go to my blog. It came to my email address which was scarey. I answered the first one but not the next 2 which were worse than the first one. I offended him because I used God and Universe together in talking about my spirituality. I am the first to tell my readers that when I talk about anything it is just my opinion on the matter, especially with spirituality. I don't believe any of us has all of the answers. Your blog is yours. Do what you want with it and don't worry about others and their reactions. I love that you are doing something so you can be a stay at home mom. I did that when my 2 kids were small.

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