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Things I Know – And I Know Plenty This Week!

Friday, 31st August 2012

Things I Know – And I Know Plenty This Week!

Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks installment of ‘Things I Know’.

I know a lot of random things this week so I will share them with you in dot point form.


* You know the whole ‘Positivity attracts positivity’ jargon? Well it worked for me hardcore this week.

I am always pretty good at putting myself down and not believing I am worth much but on the advice of some very cool ladies, whom insisted on drilling the value of my work into my mind, I put myself out of my comfort zone, trusted that they were right and ended up in a better place.

Who knew hey??? LOL. So a massive thanks goes out to those ladies that have made a big difference in the way I see myself and my work.

I know that if you take a risk here and there and believe in yourself, good things can happen!!!!

* Boys shoes are expensive. Well, not just boys shoes, shoes in general, but my golly does Jai go through some shoes. We usually buy him the Kmart $19 ‘skate’ shoes, but they have been lasting him no longer than a month or so.

He is so hard on shoes that the thought of spending more than $20 on them just about kills me. Today we got him his first pair of Nike runners. Not only is the kid over the moon that he has the same brand shoes as his mates, but he is now also wearing the correct size shoe!

We also got him some black Dunlop Volleys to wear at school, to ease the wear and tear on his good runners. I don’t care how hard he is on them, how much sand he brings home in them or how many puddles he runs through either.

Hopefully having the 2 pairs of runners to use, we’ll get at least 3-4months out of them. Fingers (or should I say toes???) Crossed!!!

I know that from now on I will have to budget accordingly to pay for decent runners all round.

* Just because we drive a 12 seater commuter bus, doesn’t mean we drive slow!!! We do a lot of highway driving and over the last 6 months or more we have nearly been cleaned up on more occasions than I care to count.

Idiot drivers that see a big van and think we’re going slow so they try to overtake us and in the process, almost run us off the road.

Idiots that reverse out of car parks and nearly hit us….. How can they not see a giant white bus???

Idiots on the road everywhere doing stupid things to get around us. All while we’re keeping to the speed limit. Annoying and scary all at the same time.

I know that the next jerk that cuts us off in a dangerous manner, feckin’ big trucks included, will have their number plate reported to the police.

* If I stay at home in my Pajamas, I get things done, but the down side is that without fail someone will always show up for a visit.

I deliberately stayed in my jarmies the other day in an attempt to keep myself at home and it worked. I didn’t leave the house all day, the washing got done and the lounge room was tidy. My sink was clean and you could see the dining table. AMAZING!

I know that in order to maintain Chaos HQ, I must make myself have more and more pajama days. Perhaps next week I will increase it to 2 days!

* Lastly this week, I am going to state that I am tired….. OF BEING PUKED ON!!!

I know little babies like to do little spews after a feed, but seriously, after 8yrs of being spewed on, I am getting very much over it! I need to wear less black. The white spew patches on my shoulders are kinda icky….

And that’s it this week.

Please leave me some comments so it doesn’t just look like I am talking to myself!!! LOL

Luv Jac xox




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    1. Charmaine

      My 11 year old as the same shoe problem boys will be boys!

    2. karen nightingale

      I know that you are an amazing lady and way too hard on yourself, glad you got some good friends to give you great motivational help, hang in there you rock!

    3. Emma

      I know exactly what you mean when driving in a 'van' ours is a Commuter Bus too and there are some total MORONS on the road! As for the shoes I have a fifteen year old girl who is going through shoes like underpants! And always, always, always believe in yourself. :)

    4. A new reader here, can so relate about the shoes, my nearly 17 year old still goes through so many school shoes it is not funny.....

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