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Things I Know – The ‘2 Arms Aren’t Enough’ Edition!

Friday, 7th September 2012

Things I Know – The ‘2 Arms Aren’t Enough’ Edition!

It’s time for another Things I know link up with Singular Insanity!


This week I know that 2 arms just aren’t enough and if I could sprout some more I certainly would, no matter how ridiculous I’d look.

For starters,

I know that no matter how hard I try, I cannot tie shoelaces or do ponytails whilst I breastfeed a baby. It simply can’t be done. I move my arms to do something else and Elijah unattaches and carries on like a pork chop. Not real handy when feed time usually runs into get ready for school time….

I know that as soon as I start a job around the house, I will get interrupted. For sure. Squarking baby, fighting children, knock at the door, and so on. I used to just think it was my own family that was against me getting anything done, but it turns out it’s the entire universe instead.

I know that I am quite good at multitasking, but it would be awesome to not have to, just for one day. While I am growing extra arms, I may as well grow an extra brain because the one I have is struggling to remember everything it’s expected to at the moment.

I know that undertaking The Organised Housewife’s 20 Days To A Clean & Organised Home Challenge is satisfying and exhausting all at the same time. I could do with some extra arms for this one too…

I know that time is precious and these moments wont last forever but the work I am doing now is going towards making our lives easier and more comfortable in the future so it’s a tricky situation to juggle. On top of that I think I am suffering from a massive case of Mother Guilt….I feel like I need to do a bit of this and a bit of that for each and every one of my family, and not just sit with the baby all day. It’s a big job, but it’s mine.

Lastly, and this has little to do with arms except for the one I will extend and stick my rude finger up with, but I know that my simple expectations of some people have been too high. Simple things that I have always expected and assumed of certain people will never be realised. I’m disappointed that it has come to low, petty, unprovoked behaviour, but this is pretty much the last straw for me.

I also know that was a little cryptic but hell, I hope they get the message loud and clear, if you know what I mean!!

And that’s what I know this week.




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    1. Brooke

      Maybe when you grow the extra arms you can extend several middle fingers at once, or grow a few more arms so you can cook clean feed make ponytails work write and dedicate one arm to flipping the bird to anyone who gets in your way :)) lol

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      That is a very awesome plan my friend!!! :-)

    3. No I do not want more arms. That means people will expect you to do more lol.

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Hey good point..... Didn't think of that one!!!

    5. ebony

      I think I could have 4 arms and it would be enough with 2 kids! u do AMAZING to have such a lovely big family with one brain and 2 hands!

    6. Good luck with growing those extra arms. I need to grow a whole new person to help break up the monotony of our days. So sick of playing good cop AND bad cop all the time. And maybe that is what you're referring to as well. Thanks for linking up this week :-)

    7. You've successfully summed up how we all feel! Love Mumabulous

    8. Tracy Williams

      I refuse to multitask! Men refuse, so I am too. I stick my rude finger up to the pain in the ass that told everyone that women can do more than one thing at a guess it was a lazy ass man! Lol

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