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Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. If my post’s interest you and you’re keen to keep up to date with the

The Monster Squad - Nov 2010

Monster Squad, find us on Facebook and ‘Like’ our page.

Here’s a link directly to our Common Chaos Chronicle Page:


Are you just loving the blog? Why not share it with your Facebook friends?

Here’s how…..

Once you are on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page,

* Highlight the web address on the top of your browser page.

* Press copy.

* Go to your wall as though you were going to update your status.

* Click on ‘link’ and a http/ bar will appear.

* Click in that bar and press Paste.

* Then Click the ‘Attach’ button.

* You can then write a status update with this link.


Hope that helps!

Thanks again to my Family and Friends for their support and constant guidance! You Guys ROCK! xoxox

I look forward to hearing from many new readers aswell in the future!


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