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What’s In The Box???

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012

What’s In The Box???

Earlier today I posted a photo on my Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page. For those of you that missed it, here it is again:

big cardboard box

Many of you entertained me with your funny guesses as to what was in the box….

The only information I gave you was that whatever was in the box was supposed to make my life easier at Chaos HQ.

Shall I give you a peek?

Do you have something in your house that looks like this?


It even comes with step by step instructions!!!


Big chunky metal bit??? Have you worked it out yet?


Pretty design, that strangely enough matches our colour scheme!


So have you worked it out? If you think you know what it might be, comment on this blog post, not on the facebook page, so you don’t give it away for other readers!

No clue at all?

If what’s in the box is what you want to view,

you’ll have to wait until I write the review!

Hahahaha, Luv Jac xoxo




    Written by:

    1. Lee

      It looks like It could be an ironing board to me - but don't know how that's supposed to make life easier! lol

    2. What on earth is it? I have no freakin' clue!! I'll be back for the review for sure.

    3. WTH is that??? can't wait to see it in "action" so to speak!

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