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When enough is enough… Put on your cape…

Friday, 6th May 2011

When enough is enough… Put on your cape…

Super Mum!!!

I have been labeled many things in my lifetime, sometimes good things, sometimes bad things but the one that rattles around my brain most frequently is the term “SUPERMUM”.

Whilst indeed it sounds very flattering, I am left wondering exactly what a ‘supermum’ is and exactly what it is that this ‘supermum’ character is supposed to do…?

I don’t feel very super. Nope…. not even a little bit.

In fact, most evenings I collapse into the warmth of my bed feeling nothing short of a failure.

I mean really, how does one live up to such a title as ‘SUPERMUM’ anyway?

Must I spray on some brightly coloured lycra and prance about the house juggling everything this house entails whilst not putting a hair out of place??? I most certainly think NOT!!!


The Real Me!!!

Not only would that be terrifying for myself to see, I’d have to pay for the children’s psychiatric help for many years to come.


So it’s like this, I will let you in on a few trade secrets of mine…

1. I will never ever look ‘It’ in Lycra. In fact I fear anything slightly body hugging….

2. Most day’s my hair resembles something the cat has dragged around for a week. Not cool at all…..

3. I yell, I scream and I rant and I rave. Yes, yes I do. You see most of the time I have to just to be heard over the sheer volume of the monster squad.

4. I don’t bake. Well not very much anyway. Those delicious cookies I served up with the cuppa were from the local Safeway. I really just don’t have time.

5. My house is definitely a work in progress. You can be certain that as soon as I achieve cleanliness in one area, the monsters are behind me trashing what has taken me hours to sort out…

6. My husband helps out with the children on most occasions (still needs some more training with the housework though), making my life somewhat easier when he is home from work.


7. I too have terrible rotten days that leave me at my wits end hanging by a thread. My sanity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be of late that’s for sure.

There you have it. Definately not super at all. Very normal apparently…

I guess what I am trying to say is, no matter how many children I have or how graceful I look juggling them, I am just like most other mummies out there.

Just trying to raise well mannered, loving children that know what respect is.Β  Aiming to keep a tidy house for said children to grow and be nurtured in and to maintain a long and loving relationship with my hubby.

It’s very flattering that many people have complimented me on my mummy skills, it comes much appreciated as the ones closest to me often forget to notice (Yes that’s you Brian), however if my mummy skills are what makes me ‘Super’, I know many many ‘Super’ mums that are just as ‘Normal’ as me.

Maybe we all are Super Mums!

So for now I will refrain from wearing my knickers on the outside of my leggings (please alert me to the fact if I ever do), I’ll leave the bath towels in the cupboard and not wear them as capes and continue on attempting to be ‘NORMAL’ .







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    1. Jess

      Jac, you ARE a SuperMum! ALL Mums are supermums! It's the hardest bloody job in the whole world. Stressful, tiring, exasperating, draining, sucks up any personal time that you may want for yourself. But it's also the most rewarding. Children are miracles. The fact that we created and gave birth to life is nothing short of miraculous! We tend to forget that. These little critters will grow up before we know it. Hopefully create families of their own. Then, it's payback time ;)

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