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Where The Wild Things Really Are… The School Holidays From Hell!

Friday, 8th July 2011

Where The Wild Things Really Are… The School Holidays From Hell!

Picture from the book where the wild things are.

Excuse me Chaos fans I need to vent.

These school holidays are doing my head in. I haven’t lost the plot yet but by golly I am getting close.

Saturday 2nd July – Brian disappears all day in an 11 hr round trip from our place to Wodonga and back. The kids are so excited that they will soon see their big sister, that they are completely out of control all friggin day. It was like some naughty elves had thieved their attention spans for the day as watching a simple 15minute cartoon was just too much for them. On top of their constant nonsense, I tripped over the hose and rolled my ankle. πŸ™

Sunday 3rd July – I awoke to a house full of giggles and even at 7am they were all up and bouncing again. I cut them some slack this day as I had forewarned my brain that they would be super excited with Mackenzi here. All was ok until Brian kindly reminded me that he was off to play football…. Oh CRAP, you’re leaving me with the 6 hyped up monsters? JOY.Β  Normally I would just see this as a challenge, but with the rain lashing down, my house in renovation mode and little spare space around it was absolute CHAOS!

Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th July – Much of the same nonsense really. The excitement had worn off but the sillyness remained and the fighting had well and truely set in.Β  We made a trip out of town to buy some craft supplies and the giant bedtime bear, but even the promise of a treat at the shops did nothing for the kids as they mucked around the whole time we were out.

Thursday 7th July – The rain had eased, the dog was desperate for a walk (as was I) and Levi needed to go to daycare. So I packed him into the pram, asked the others to get organised and put Mishka on the lead. We were walking to daycare. Just out our driveway gate, Veruca hits the pavement with a thud. First round of tears and we hadn’t past the neighbors house yet. We round the corner only 10-12 houses from ours and the fighting begins. No Im pushing the pram…. No I am…. and so on. I step in and delegate turns but get whinged out the whole way anyway.

We drop Levi off and leave the pram at the centre to pick up later. We head towards the big park and the kids are finally happy to do something. We round our way through the garden until we reach the playground. I hook Mishka up around the big shade sail pole and prepare myself for some park time fun.


There was only 1 swing there and the 5 of them felt it necessary to fight over it. Each were ademant that it was their turn… Thank goodness no one else was at the playground to see and hear their nonsense! Within 5 mins, after ignoring my instructions to play on all the equipment, they all declared they were freezing. I wasn’t surprised. They had stood in the one spot arguing the whole time instead of moving around. Argh…. my head was about to explode!!

We headed home as I despereately hoped that the walked had done them some good and tired them out a little. Not quite the case as they were full steam ahead for the rest of the day.

They all went to bed at 7pm and pretty much went straight to sleep. Boy was I glad to sit down in the peace last night.

This morning, Friday 8th July – Brian made me a cuppa as he left for work but I found it 45mins later, stone cold and gross. Whoops, I must have really needed that extra sleep. The kids started calling out around 7.15am, they had been told not to leave the bedrooms incase the fresh varnish on the floors was still wet. I checked the floor and let them make the dash to the toilet, I then bribed them with their bedtime prize and parked them inforont of a movie (a desperate attempt to give the floor an extra hour or so of drying time).

That brings me to now.

Contemplating my survival today.

I will not be beaten, I might just try a different park today, or perhaps a stroll up the main street.Β  And much to the childrens disgust, there is plenty of housework to be done. πŸ˜‰

In the meantime, I offer you my 10 hot tips on surviving the winter holidays.

1. Do NOT attempt any DIY renovations during the holidays. The children don’t seem to understand the importance of actually getting a job done.

2. Have the house as organised as humanly possible before the holidays commence as there is little time left in the day to complete the mundane boring tasks that make surviving easier.

3. Pre-cook meals and freeze them. Pull them out the night before and bang them in the oven. Dinner done in a flash without having to take your eyes of the monsters πŸ™‚

4. Have a wet weather back-up plan. Be it *Friends houses* *Grandma’s house* * A verandah or enclosed play area* *Craft activities* *Set Tasks*, whatever it is plan it and use it.

5. Have the lawn cut low so when they do come in from outside they’re not wet up to their knees…

6. Use Music. Kids love it. It might just distract them for 5 mins!

7. If you live in a small country town, with next to nothing to do, plan your next winter holiday to QLD now πŸ™‚

8. Lower all expectations of ‘normal’ behaviour. Im certain the kids save all their ‘normal’ up for school and give us the rest during the holidays….

9. Treat yourself of an evening. There has to be some kind of compensation for the torture we have endured throughout the day.

10. When all else fails, sell them on ebay… No wait I didnt write that. When all else fails, be sure to remind yourself that it’s only 2 weeks.

It’s only 2 weeks….

It’s only 2 weeks….


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    1. I totally relate to this ! I don't know if you have 'Freecycle' there - its a website to pass on things you no longer want for free. I have been known to put both the kids and hubby on there in the past !

    2. Jess

      It's just crazy-time, isn't it? Love your battle plan, will be better prepared next time. The longest 2 weeks ever..... When do we (mothers) get our holiday? When? When? WHEN?!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      I said I was taking my maternity leave when the kids are teenagers. That's 5 years I can disappear for you know..... bang! daydream over! LOL

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