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Winter Holiday Blues – Our Overnight Trip Away!

Sunday, 17th July 2011

Winter Holiday Blues – Our Overnight Trip Away!

After several days of utter chaos, my head was close to exploding clean off my shoulders. The rain had set in, I was miserable. The kids were housebound, bored and not willing to cooperate on any kind of normal level. No matter what I suggested, I was faced with an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm.

Something had to be done or school holiday survival was looking pretty grim.

I got online and started searching for cheap accommodation. I mean sure it would have been lovely to pop up the mountains for a day or so but at $2000+ per night, I was left laughing in my seat.

When a place an hour and a half from home popped up for not much more than $120 for the night, I thought I had struck gold. Lets face it, fitting 8 people in accommodation is not the easiest thing to do at the best of times, let alone when you’re choosy about the price range as well.

So I talked it over with the hubby and booked the motel online.

The kids were buzzing, the excitement was almost as painful as their boredom, but I knew things would be different once we arrived at our destination.

So after Brian’s game of footy we piled into our loaded up wagon and headed out of town with our sights set on Warrnambool.

I love Warrnambool, the ocean, the whales, the shops, the playgrounds. It really is a nice place.

Photos from our trip to Warrnambool 2011

We arrived at 5pm on the Saturday night and checked into our motel. They had no idea we were even booked in. Not entirely sure if this was the fault of the booking agency online, or the casual weekend staff at the motel, but they put us in our room and made a mad dash to locate some extra beds etc.

The room was basic. Very basic. In fact Aria was quick to point out that it looked like a big meeting room that they had just shoved beds in and I reckon she was right. One room, 8 people, no dividing walls…… thank goodness it was just for one night!!! hahahaha

Once the bed dilemma was sorted we headed out to the local pub for a meal. Except it was totally booked out. They too were lovely in the fact that they asked us to take a seat in the bar area and they would serve our meals out there, I’m just not sure that the waitress had done the maths cos there were a few tables out there, all that only accommodated 2 people at a time….. hmmmm

With the kids climbing up our legs whinging that they were, you know ‘STARVING’ and all we reluctantly headed for their choice…. McDonalds.

We had dinner, did a quick trip to Safeway and headed home to get the kids ready for bed.

6 kids going to bedΒ  in one room = MASSIVE FAIL

We even let them watch some TV but they were not going to give in by any stretch of the imagination. Much to the hubby’s disgust, we turned the telly and lights off and all went to sleep tired and cranky.

We woke Sunday morning to gale force winds and heavy rain. Just the thing you want when you have promised children a bout of whale watching. Lucky we had planned to go to the movies first thing anyway!

We arrived at the cinema to see Cars2. This was both Veruca and Levi’s first time at the movies and they both did really well. We’re all huge fans of the first Cars movie, but found the 2nd one a little slow. I will check it out again on DVD as I’m sure I probably missed half the ‘adult’ jokes the first time.

After the movie we headed towards Logan’s Beach to look for whales. It was freezing, the wind was strong and the ocean was rough and choppy. Nope…. couldn’t see a thing. Also drove around the town, checked out the breakwater which the kids loved and stopped for some lunch.

Photos of our trip to warrnambool 2011 on the breakwater

Next we visited a plaster painting place where the children (including Brian) chose a piece to paint and decorate. They loved this activity and I was just glad to be somewhere warm and dry.

It was time to head home, the children were exhausted but we made one last trip to the beach to check for whales again. Still nothing. It’s not such a bad thing though. It just means we get to go back again on a nicer day.Β  πŸ™‚

Pictures of the kids painting plaster in Warrnambool 2011

I can’t say that this overnight trip away was the most amazing experience of our lives, but it broke up the monotony of being stuck indoors, it got us out of the house and doing something, it gives the children something to talk about when they go back to school and it most certainly stopped my head exploding…

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      such a shame no photo of dad at plaster time

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