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Wordless Wednesday- A Dog’s Day Out!

Wednesday, 21st September 2011

Wordless Wednesday- A Dog’s Day Out!

My Little Drummer Boys
For this week’s Wordless Wednesday link up with My Little Drummer Boys, I’d like to share some pics I took on my iPhone of our dog Mishka, at the DIY Dog Wash….

Not sure she was a huge fan of it all, but geeze, she smells better!!!


Our Husky Mishka sitting in the car

Yep, that’s right, she made herself quite comfortable in Levi’s car seat.

Mishka our Husky standing in the DIY dog wash tub.

She’s not too sure about this whole ‘bath’ thing…

Our husky edging away from the hose bit of the dog wash

Here she is scared out of her mind, just before we turned the water on….

Mishka our Husky trying to climb out of the DIY Dog Wash

Somebody save me……. somebody save me……. PLZ….. hehehehe

Mishka our Husky enjoying the dog wash.

Well she seems to like the blow dryer a whole lot more than the water!!!

Brian and Mishka our husky on the couch!

And this my friends is why I never get any couch snuggles anymore…….. MISHKA!!


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    1. Happy WW. Thanks for linking up your beautiful dog - tells a story .

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