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Wordless Wednesday… Our Wedding!

Wednesday, 16th November 2011

Wordless Wednesday… Our Wedding!

This week I am linking up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys for ‘WORDLESS WEDNESDAY’.

My Little Drummer Boys

Our wedding anniversary is approaching at great speed, so I thought I would share with you our special day, 4 years ago.

Our wedding ceremony


Groomsmen Photos


Wedding kids

Bring on December 1st!
Tell me what’s your favourite Wedding Memory, or what is your Wedding Dream?


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    1. Larissa

      Just gorgeous how special that your children were able to be part of your special day!

    2. Lovely! I love your fowers too - so unique! The colours are just perfect. And Hi! This is my first visIt to your blog and I adore your header. I'm fond of owls!

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Welcome Penny! I love owls too. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter to :-)

    4. Gorgeous photos Jacqui, happy upcoming anniversary. I love your bouquet.

    5. Great photos, you all look very happy. My husband and I got married four years ago, and our kids were a part of our wedding too!

    6. karen

      of jac that was lovely to share, thank you and set up so beautifully, my hubby and i are celebrating our 25th this weekend with a renewal of our wedding vows at our church service with a lunch with them all, have about 10 extra special coming in from bendigo and horsham to share our special time and a bbq with the extra on sat night, so enjoy every anniversary they are all special, hugs karen

    7. Kelly B

      Wow - beautiful photos! There are so many memories from our big day that I couldn't choose the happiest lol but my most vivid memory would have been when my brand new husband was wheeled away in a wheelchair to have his appendix taken out about 10 minutes after we said 'I do'! I had somehow managed not to cry during the ceremony (which was held in the chapel of the hospital lol) but as they wheeled him away, I completely broke down in my Mum's arms...

    8. Oh - Jac! It was such a very special day to be a part of. Can't believe it was four years ago! One thing I do remember was my hubster and I getting a little sloshed and him spilling the beans that he'd bought my engagement ring! Ba ha ha ha ha - husbands... HOPELESS at keeping a secret (almost as bad as his wife). Gorgeous pics my love xx

    9. Brooke

      My favourite memory of our wedding day is that intense overwhelming outpouring of love & happiness. An open honest sharing of that with all of our friends and family. And the speeches, so much laughter & love. Those emotions now hit me again every time I am a guest at a wedding, I feel so much joy for the couple :)

    10. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day Jac! My bridesmaids wore the same colour as your' that deep grey. Congrats on your anniversary coming up.

    11. You looked gorgeous and you still do! :) I didn't have a bridesmaid, only my sis to help me around hahaha...

    12. Wonderful photos.

    13. Alyce

      Oh how beautiful!! You look so happy in them :) And my what tall flowers you had, lol! Almost as tall as you! Gorgeous of course :)

    14. such pretty photos, looks like it was a special day for everyone x

    15. Hi Jac & Brian, We are wishing you both a Very Happy Annversary for the 1st Dec, today because we will be going on holiday next Sunday and wont be back until 11th Dec. and I am going to be very busy this week, all sorts to do, and not feeling too good (Bad water infection, so hope it clears up by Sunday) We wish you both all the Happiness in the world. Loads of Love to you all Joan & Pat

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