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You’re Damned If You Do & You’re Damned If You Dont.

Thursday, 30th August 2012

You’re Damned If You Do & You’re Damned If You Dont.

I wish I had of taken photos today but I forgot.

I’ll do my best with the power of words to set the scene for you all….

Yesterday afternoon, I somewhat ‘lost my shit’.

I got so fed up with the monsters not doing their jobs and helping out that I put them in their rooms and told them there was no dinner until the rooms were clean.

At first Jai and Veruca sulked. They always do. (Zaf was at dancing).

So I told them that if I heard another whingy whiney moan about it, I’d rip up the circus ticket and they’d have no dinner.

Harsh, but effective,

Little miss Aria on the other hand chose to sit on her bed and colour in pictures. Several warnings and threats later she still ignored the requests to tidy up.

She put herself through the shower and went to bed with no dinner.

This morning, after the usual carry on of not wanting to get dressed, we asked her one last time to tidy up her mess.

She rudely declined so I told her she wouldn’t have a room when she got home.

3.30pm rolls around.

I began to feel sick with guilt. I worried if i had done something too nasty…. Was it better to be nasty and teach her the lesson or to just let it go…. empty threat. hmmm

Nope, she needs to take me seriously.

During the day we had swapped Jai’s stuff into her room. We chose to swap Jai because he is always ranting about having to share with Levi.

So the Monsters walk in and hang their bags up. Aria comes to the table where I was folding mountains of washing and I ask her if she’s noticed anything different about her room.

You know what the cheeky sod said??

“What room????? {insert snide and sarcastic tone here} “You said I wouldn’t have a room”….

“You don’t” I replied. It’s Jai’s now,

At first she didn’t believe me. Then she didn’t care.

Yup, all of that for nothing.

Poor old Jai was upset as anything. He wanted his old bed. It was the last thing he expected when he came home.

I explained to him that it’s probably just temporary and that it would be good for him to have some time out from Levi destroying his things.

He eventually warmed to the idea.

So you see, I just cannot win no matter what I do……

Twins..... As thick as thieves!!!



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    1. Laila

      I actually go in and throw everything out. and I don't replace it. one child is constantly in a mess. we are not purchasing anymore clothes until she respects the ones she has (we will get bigger school clothes if necessary) the other has only recently started with mess, she will soon find out the same rules are for her too. as for the boy child, he is here with wife and babies, and I will help them tomorrow... and if that does not work, then they will find themselves out of the door. I am tough!! and i stick to it, my daughter has come home to her precious doll collection dropped to salvo's while she was at school...

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Well it's time I toughen up, problem is, they just don't care. I guess when they have nothing left they'll start to work it out!!!

    3. Tracy Williams

      You need to find her currency. They all have it. Good luck Jac xo

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Yep, you're right. We thought the room was the currency. FAIL.... unless she's pretending it doesn't matter!!! Who knows :-S

    5. How old is Aria again? She sounds so much like my Miss 8. Cunning, and knows which buttons to push. I cracked it at Miss 8 yesterday morning and I think it sort of hit her now that I meant business. I did smack her, for being rude to her sister and trying to pick a fight when we were having such a great start to the morning. This wasn't just because of that one incident, it was a build up to all those little things she's been doing. Mean things. So I snapped. And it worked. Although I won't encourage doing that because the guilt didn't leave me all day. It wasn't a huge smack but the things that I said. I thought those were worse.

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