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Back To School – Creating A ‘SCREEN TIME’ Roster + A FREE PRINTABLE!

Monday, 13th January 2014

Back To School – Creating A ‘SCREEN TIME’ Roster + A FREE PRINTABLE!






And sometimes more than one screen at a time… UGH!

Sound familiar?

As if maintaining a suitable amount of television viewing hours wasn’t hard enough on parents, most of us are now faced with juggling the arguments that multiple technology devices bring to a household. Each and every day.

Now, I know some people question why we give our children so much access to so many different devices, but I think it is so important that they keep up to date and are aware of how to use them all, and I am a firm believer that if you confiscate things all together, they’ll just go out of their way to find another way anyway!

It’s all about moderation and that’s what I am enforcing this year in our home.


Family Screen Roster 2

At Chaos HQ, we become a little more lenient during school holidays on the time the MonsterSquad sit squared-eyed in front of screens. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly limits, but if we’re home and it’s what they want to do to chillax then by all means I’ll usually let them play.

Of course with the game/screen time comes constant arguments and whinging over who’s turn it is and how much longer they each have. To help eliminate the arguments, and my constant nagging (hehehe), I have set up a roster system where the kids basically book in their time on the devices in 30min blocks.

So far, so good. They’re allowed 3x 30min blocks a day during holidays, and that’s if we’re not going anywhere and are just hanging out at home.

The rules? Well if you’re not off the screen at the end of your 30mins, you forfeit your next 30mins, & there must be a 30min break in between blocks of screen time.Β  It’s straight forward and everyone gets a turn. Yey!

Download and print the FREE Holidays Printable HERE >>>>> PDF Holidays Screen Time Roster


Family Screen Roster Printable

Each child here at Chaos HQ has a chore list and they must complete that daily chore and their homework & readers before they’re even allowed to look in the general direction of a screen. Our big family computer is reserved each afternoon for a particular child, which I schedule in depending on what after-school activities are on.

Once they’ve completed their jobs & homework, and so long as they don’t have an after-school activity that night, they’re allowed an hour of screen time an afternoon. That’s it.

Download and print the FREE Weekdays Printable HERE >>>>> PDF Weekday family Screen Time Roster


Family Screen Time Roster 1

Weekends here are a little bit like school holidays, although I do prefer the kids to get outside and play, or even use all those other things in their rooms…… called toys!

Limiting them to 2 x 30min blocks on the weekends has really made a huge difference to their screen time, and their ‘ATTITUDES’.

Download and print the FREE Weekends Printable HERE >>>>> PDF Weekends Screen Time Roster

To cut down on printer ink, I have laminated our roster charts and have purchased some cheap whiteboard markers from a Daiso store. You can also buy whiteboard markers in the ‘Back To School’ sales happening everywhere at the moment. Doing it this way means all you need is a damp tissue or baby wipe at the end of each day and your roster chart will be ready to use again tomorrow!

“So what about the TV”, I hear you mumble?

Well, we don’t allow TV at all of a morning at Chaos HQ, and most afternoons there is very little time left for them to watch it. Occasionally they choose to use their screen time in front of the telly, but really, it’s saved for our MonsterSquad Movie Nights and special shows that they’ve been allowed to watch.

I hope this helps solve the screen time dramas at your place too. Be sure to let me know how it works in your house!

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    1. I must say, this is another area that I'm really lax about. Like you, there's no television in the morning at all for the kids (mind you, I have The Today Show on in my, and the afternoons are usually reserved for after school sports, and homework. I do try to limit how much time they're on their devices, but sometimes it doesn't work out as planned. Love the planners Jac! It might just help. LisaW recently posted...Mood Board Monday | TypographyMy Profile

    2. Jacqui that's awesome :-) I only have the 1 child at home now but I think it will still work for me :-)

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