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Back To School : Organising School Uniforms To Eliminate The Morning Chaos!

Sunday, 12th January 2014

Back To School : Organising School Uniforms To Eliminate The Morning Chaos!

School Uniforms can either be an absolute god-send or a down right nightmare, but love them or hate them, they’re more often than not a huge part of your child’s schooling life.

Any stay at home parent will tell you that school mornings can be total chaos whether you have 1 child or 10, so I figure, why not eliminate one major stress and have a school uniform system in place for the children to use, that lets them get dressed of a morning with minimal fuss.

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My eldest monsters are twins, so we were thrust into the land of bulk uniforms from the day they graduated from Kindergarten. Initially I kept their school clothes in their cupboards with their regular clothes, but found I was forever picking up uniforms from the floor that had been knocked off a hanger, pulled out by mistake and so on.

It wasn’t working at all and I needed to set up something that kept the uniforms separate and easily accessible.

I initiated a plastic tub/bookshelf system to store it all in which has been fantastic over the last few years. I simply labeled each tub with the child’s name and what was in it and they were able to help themselves to what they needed to wear for the day.

new uniform storage

This however was not going to be big enough this year with number 5 (of 6) starting school as well, so I set out looking for a cube storage system that could accommodate them all in the end.

I spent a whole lot of time dreaming about Ikea but since we’re 3.5hrs away from a store, I settled for 2 smaller units that were on clearance at Target. BONUS!

Uniform Storage Cube 1

This year I have allocated each school child 3 fabric tubs each.

The boys each have a tub for:

* Jumpers

* T-Shirts

* Shorts & Pants

While the girls each have:

* Jumpers

* T-Shirts & Dresses

* Shorts & Pants

I also have tubs dedicated to:

* Hair Supplies

* Socks

*Dance Uniforms

*Footy Gear and

* Spares, which the children share as needed.

Thankfully, our children don’t require any ironed shirts or hanging space for blazers etc…. so we’re very lucky that everything can be folded away in cube storage. I do make sure that I fold the uniforms neatly and I have found doing this keeps creases to a minimum, even in the girl’s dresses.

Because our children are currently wearing uniforms that can be purchased at major department stores, I have gone out and bought each Monster 5 days worth of uniforms, which will come in very handy over the winter time! At $2.00 a top, it really takes that stress away of not having the uniforms ready overnight!

To add to our school organisation, I have spray painted 2 cupboards with doors and stacked them up beside the school uniform cube storage. These cupboards are now labeled and filled with:

* DSi Consoles & Games

* Everyday Essentials – Wipes, Suncream etc..

* Homework Supplies (Pencils, Textas, Rulers etc)

* Paper and Colouring books

* Swimmers/Bathers

* School Shoes

Keeping those things close by and organised should make a huge portion of my day less chaotic.

Uniform Storage  & School Supplies

Having everyone’s uniforms in the one space really has made our school morning’s easier, and I would recommend it to any larger family, or any family that is looking to instil a little independence in their children too! There are no more battles & arguments over who is wearing who’s top, or jumper and so on, leaving me more time to drink my morning cuppa in peace!!!

Having an organisation station for homework and other school related stuff has really excited our kids and they’re busting to get their mitts on the pencils and paper supplies, even offering to help our new school starter practice his name and ABC’s.

Tell me, how do you store school uniforms?

Are your mornings a chaotic search for the correct clothes or an endless argument you’d rather not have?

Would a system like my uniform shelves work at your place too?

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    1. Catherine

      Love it Jac!! Love the labels too! Such a great idea. My older boys school clothes are in their wardrobes, I would love a system like this ESP when the little ones go to school in a few years. I think part of the answer is having enough uniforms to get through the week, they are so expensive though. Might look at getting some plain polo shirts for my grubiest monster!

    2. Wow Jac! I'm really impressed! Love how you've organised everything and yeah it's good when their uniforms can be bought at departmental stores. Hope this would make it much easier for you when the school term starts. Norlin recently posted...Fashion For Summer Slumming: Looking Great with Minimal EffortMy Profile

    3. Wow what a brilliant idea god you are one clever lady :-)

    4. This is such a great idea Jac!!!! I would love to know more about the storage unit! We have always used the IKEA expedits but Id love a cheaper alternative! We have uniforms in the bedroom for now, but I need to organise a better "system" for them!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Larissa recently posted...Delicious Bento Lunch IdeasMy Profile

    5. I have absolutely no organisational system in place for uniforms, and every damn morning is a battle! Love your system Jac. I'll have to think of something to make this year easier. Both my kids have uniforms that require ironing, so a folding system wouldn't suit, but I'm sure a clothes rack of sorts with dividers for the days would help. Love that each of the boxes have little monsters on them...I'm assuming a different one for each child? LisaW recently posted...Mood Board Monday | TypographyMy Profile

    6. Michelle

      I think this is a great idea if you have the space for it but unfortunately this just isn't a possibility in my house :(

    7. Jessica

      Why would only stay-at-home parents be able to talk about the chaos? Wouldn't you expect it to be just as bad or even worse if all the kids and both parents had to leave by a set time each morning? Nice ideas, though.

    8. Sandy Burton

      Brilliant idea Jac love it :-)

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