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Chaos To Clean -Week 2 – The Living Areas!

Monday, 13th February 2012

Chaos To Clean -Week 2 – The Living Areas!

Here I was thinking the kids would return to school and instantly my house would become the organised paradise that it used to be…


One of you guys could have warned me I was dreaming….

The monsters went back to school last week and they also resumed their afterschool activities too. I was totally not prepared for how organised I would have to be.

Yes, I had lunch food prepared and ready.

Yes, I had uniforms clean and ready.

Yes, we even managed to do readers each night.

But it seems I couldn’t keep up with the most mundane tasks that keep this house functioning well.

The dishes were piling up. The floors (where visible) were grotty and in need of a good vacuum. Paperwork seemed to line every flat surface and we began to drown in dirty washing.


Around 5pm each night I became aware that I had forgotten to organise something for dinner and it then became a mad dash to get something simple prepared and stuffed into the kids whinging faces.

I felt drained, stressed, depressed and at a loss as to how I was ever going to catch up again.

So I’ve been thinking about some of my own advice….

I have to get back into my housework routine.

But to start that, I need to make some kind of dint in the mess that already exists.

So today I am going to apply myself to the living areas of our home.

I’m not expecting a miracle, just a general tidy up and chuck out of junk.

Please tell me I am not alone on this one?

Anyone else suffering the same situation….. Overwhelmed and exhausted at the whole house scenario?

Break it down with me as we do one area at a time.





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    1. Jodie

      This is a great post I read last week. Hope it helps!

    2. Uh you are so NOT alone! This is only the official 2nd week of school and what with the bloody extra curricular activities, I'm feel burned out already! It's Monday, I'm at work but I so wished I was in bed sleeping. :S

    3. I always get stressed when my home gets out of whack - and I only have one child to worry about. I also need to get a bit of a routine and plan things as I know it always runs so much more smoothly when this happens. Good luck figuring it out,...

    4. Oh! i am so there with you! I am keeping on top of lunches and uniforms .. but have forgotten there is more to do !! I need to tidy this place up too :)

    5. A little. I thought once school started and Sammy started in his new kindy, I'd take a week to just sleep (I'm getting 2-3 hours a night, for more than a year) and then I'd be so motivated. It's week 4? 3? Can't remember. Either way. My body hasn't recovered, I'm getting more tired and more dizzy and more forgetful. I can't bring myself to do the washing for days at a time (sorting. It gets washed and hung out) and right now I'm staring at 3 full baskets of it.

    6. For what its worth, I can SORT of relate. I only have one 3 month old, but everything piles up when kids demand constant attention. If I didnt get any help around here, I dont think Id ever eat, sleep or shower. And Im the type that needs everything clean and organized to function properly or life goes a mess and I cant hold back tears of frustration haha. But when its all clean, it makes a huge difference in how a mom feels and performs. Any chance you can talk the kids into helping? Good luck! dont give up. -Kassi

    7. I can totally relate and have been tackling tiny zoes at a time to make it do-able! Visiting via 'The things I'd tell you'... I'll be following you now! Kate

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