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Cooking Chaos Style – BULK LASAGNE!

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Cooking Chaos Style – BULK LASAGNE!

There has been many a time where I have just not been organised enough to have a decent meal prepared each night.

My worry with adding another baby to the chaos mix is that I’ll be even less organised.

So I have decided to get my act together and start cooking and preparing food in bulk. Well as much as my 2 little freezers will allow anyway.

If anyone knows anyone who is a PR rep for a freezer company, send them our way for the most blinding and awesome review ever…. hahahahhahahah!! Hint Hint white goods reps!!!!

One meal that the MonsterSquad never ever turn their noses up at is my hidden vegetable lasagne!

Now if you’re new to Common Chaos, and have no idea what I am on about, you can read my ‘Hide n Seek’ post HERE!

Hmmmm Lasagne!

They have no idea what is in it, but they request it frequently and always gobble it up.

This time I had the lovely assistance of a friend who was willing to stand at the stove and cook up the sauce for me. (If I stand up for too long I get really dizzy at the moment).

So here’s my Ingredients and Price list:

* Disposable Foil Trays – $3.99

* Minced Meat – $11.51

* Bechamel Sauce x3 – $9.87 (Now I usually make my own but got pre-made jars this time as I can’t stand there stirring the sauce for that long at the moment)

* Tomato Paste – $1.29

* Minced Garlic – $1.29

* Lasagne Sheets x 5 – $7.45

* Passata Sauce – $1.69

* Tin Diced Tomatoes x 3 – $2.25

* Cheese (Approx) – $3.00

* Onions – $0.50

* Carrots – $0.89

* Capsicum – $2.00

* Broccoli – $1.69

* Zucchini – $1.99

* Pumpkin – $2.00

All of this comes to a grand total of: $50.12.

The sauce made up 5 family sized Lasagnes, plus I had enough sauce left over for a family sized meal of Spaghetti Bolognaise!

So if we’re just counting the Lasagne, it comes to $10.02 per tray.

If we’re adding in the fact that we can also have a meal of spag bol, I divide the total cost by 6 and each meal comes to: $8.35!

When we serve up Lasagne we usually add a side of potato wedges and some home made garlic bread.

With wedges.....

Which means that for a wholesome family dinner that feeds the 7 of us well, it costs around $12.00 for the entire meal.


Especially as it is full to the brim of mooshed vegetable goodness that the kids would otherwise be reluctant to eat!


So if you wanted to cut out even more costs for this dish, you could:

* Use your own baking trays and not purchase disposable ones.

* Make up Homemade Bechemel Sauce instead of buying pre-made sauce.

* Grow your own Vegetables.

* Make a vegetarian version and don’t use the mince meat.

* Shop at ALDI and buy items like tomato paste, and sauces when they come on special.

And there you have it.

Chaos cooking at it’s most deliciously budgety best!

The Monsters Loving Their Hidden Vegetable Dinner!!!! Hehehehehe πŸ˜‰






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    1. Mmm. Off to have a look at the recipe. Alexander's favourite food is Lasagne but I'd love to hide more in it. And stretch it further, as at 9 he's already eating the same amount as his father! Two HUGE serves. A meal that used to get me 2 dinners, now scrapes through at one.

    2. That's a great idea Jacqui! Best to be prepared for when bub comes along. I love recipes that include loads of vege for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

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