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Feeding The Monsters For A Month – Meal Planning Around the New Arrival.

Tuesday, 26th June 2012

Feeding The Monsters For A Month – Meal Planning Around the New Arrival.

I recently wrote on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page, about how I had managed to plan enough meals to feed our family for around a month.

Meal planning is normally a fortnightly thing here at Chaos HQ, but with the baby arriving in less than a week and the school holidays also almost upon us again, I decided that I would give monthly planning a go.

Planning for a month would normally be impossible for us as we budget fortnightly, but with a little bonus in my pay, it was made possible so I went for it.

Many of you were keen to know what was on the menu and were also looking for some meal planning inspiration.

Our meals are fairly basic, quick to prepare and have been scheduled in on appropriate days where we have things on, or will be relying on others to cook when I am in hospital. Some meals have been repeated a few times as they are favourites and some have been repeated simply because they are pre-made in our freezer!

I used my meal planning printout to record all the meals so if you want to do something similar you can find the FREE PRINTABLE BELOW. Just click on the pink writing!

2 week Meal Planner

Meal Plan
My meal plan filled out in pencil to allow for unexpected changes!

B = Breakfast

L = Lunch

D = Dinner

So here goes….

Fri 22nd June – B: Weet-bix, L: Lunch-Boxes, D: BBQ Plum Chicken Wings, Packet Pasta & Oven Chips

Sat 23rd June – B: Coco Pops, L: BBQ at Relos, D: BBQ at Relo’s

Sun 24th June – B: Crumpets & Muffins, L: Steamed Dim Sims, D: Ravioli with Sundried Tom Sauce & Garlic Bread


WEEK BEFORE BUB ARRIVES – 2 Visits to Doctor Planned

Mon 25th June – B: Weet-Bix, L: Lunch Boxes / Take-out,Β  D: Pasta with Pre-made Sauce

Tues 26th June – B: Honey Wheats, L: Lunch Boxes / Pies, D: Beef Casserole & Mash

Wed 27th June – B: Corn Flakes, L: Lunch Boxes / Sandwiches, D: Baked Spuds with Beans, Bacon & Sour Cream

Thurs 28th June – B: Rice Bubbles, L: Lunch Boxes / Take-out, D: Lasagne & Wedges

Fri 29th June – B: Power Grain, L: Lunch Boxes / Dim Sims, D: Honey Mustard Chicken on Rice

Sat 30th June – B: Muffins & Crumpets, L: Nachos, D: Homemade Hamburgers & Chips

Sun 1st July – B: Porridge, L: Hot Chips, D: Chicken Schnitzels & Potato Bake


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS & BABY DUE – Recovery from c-section.

Mon 2nd July – B: Weet-Bix, L: Packed Lunch, D: Fish Fingers, Fish Portions & Chips

Tues 3rd July – B: Honey Wheats, L: Packed Lunch, D: Take-out

Wed 4th July – B: Corn Flakes, L: Packed Lunch, D: Pasta Bake from Freezer

Thurs 5th July – B: Rice Bubbles, L: Snacks – Lunch Provided at care, D: Chicken Nuggest, Chicken Infusions & Chips

Fri 6th July – B: Weet-Bix, L: Packed Lunch, D: Frozen Pizzas (Movie Night)

Sat 7th July – B: Toast/Raisin Toast, L: Party Pies / Sausage Rolls, D: Lasagne & Wedges from Freezer

Sun 8th July – B: Power Grain, L: Noodles / Tin Spaghetti, D: Roast Chicken Rolls


Mon 9th July – B: Weet-bix, L: Ham & Cheese Toaties, D: Chicken & Noodle Stir-fry

Tues 10th July – B: Corn Flakes, L: Packed Lunch, D: Baked Spuds with Beans & Bacon

Wed 11th July – B: Rice Bubbles, L: Tin Spag/Baked Beans on Toast, D: Pasta with premade sauce

Thurs 12th July – B: Power Grain, L: Deli Meat Sandwiches, D: Sausages, Corn on the cob & Mash spuds

Frid 13th July – B:Weet-Bix, L: Packed Lunch, D:Ravioli with Carbonara Sauce & Garlic Bread

Sat 14th July – B: Honey Wheats, L: Take-out, D:Sizzle Steaks, Packet Pasta & Chips

Sun 15th July – B: Porridge, L: Picnic, D: Honey Mustard Chicken on Rice



Mon 16th July – B: Corn Flakes, L: Lunch Boxes, D: Southern Drumsticks, Vegies & Mash

Tues 17th July – B: Weet-Bix, L: Lunch Boxes, D: Lasagne & Wedges from freezer

Wed 18th July – B: Rice Bubbles, L: Lunch Boxes, D: Fish Portions, Fish Fingers & Chips

Thurs 19th July – B: Honey Wheats, L: Lunch Boxes, D: Homemade Pitta Pizzas

Fri 20th July – B: Weet-Bix, L: Lunchboxes, D: Apricot Chicken, Vegies & Mash (Slow Cooker)

Sat 21st July – B: Corn Flakes, L: Hot Chips, D: Curried Sausages

Sun 22nd July – B: Rice Bubbles, L: Toasted Sangas, D: Provincial Chicken, Corn & Mash

And that makes 4 weeks worth of meals.

Simple, organised and one less stress at this crazy chaotic busy time!



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    1. Love that you're all organised, Jac. We shop weekly and don't really meal plan but it's been on my list of things to do for a long time. I'm sure we'd save money if we did!

    2. I'm always envious of people who are so organised!!! But I guess with 6 kids you just have to plan don't you! Awesome plan there and I can't wait to meet your new bub soon! :)

    3. El

      I just stumbled across your blog after visiting the organized housewife, and wow, you are a busy mummy! I can not believe you are going to have a 5 th c section. I was told no more after 3 so gave up my dreams of having a big family. How wonderful to bring a new bub home with all your big helpers! All the best with your birth.

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