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Feeling Lost In My Lists!

Thursday, 13th September 2012

Feeling Lost In My Lists!

Lately, I have been feeling very lost and overwhelmed in my surroundings.

The more I try to get done each day, the less I seem to achieve and the more anxious I get.

My usual solution to help me achieve things and get things done is to write myself a ‘To Do’ list.

Really, I’m quite good at them.

Here are the kid's daily lists. I think I need to make myself a cool clipboard for myself!!!

I can whip up a ‘To Do’ list in a matter of minutes and sometimes they’re pages and pages long.

I could give you an example right now, but we don’t have that much time…..

I once gave my hubby a list that was front and back, 6 A4 pages of things that needed doing.

Yep, I got laughed at!

It occurred to me today that the anxiety and stress I cause myself when I don’t complete all the tasks on my list is just not worth it.

So I’m going to try something new.

Instead of writing a list that’s 56 dot points long, I am going to do 4 dot points a day.

1. An urgent or important task that really needs to be completed.

2. A household task to help the house function better.

3. A personal task that I need to complete

4. A bonus task if I have spare time.

Hopefully concentrating on a much more achievable amount of tasks each day will see me actually get a few things done and leave me feeling a lot more satisfied with the day’s efforts.

Then I wont be staring at several other tasks that weren’t done!

Do you do anything similar to this or do you stare at your un-ticked list all day thinking “where the heck do I start??”

I’d love to hear what works for you and how much is on your ‘To Do’ list each day.



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    1. I think breaking up lists is a great idea! I do it all the time, and not only does it mean that I don't get so overwhelmed, it also helps me make sure that I'm not neglecting one thing because of another (i.e. kids for housework, blogging for day-job etc) I actually use an electronic to-do-list on my Mac and synced to the iPad. It's called Wunderlist and it's fantastic! It's the first time that I've felt like a to-do-list of the computer is as good (and as satisfying to tick off) as a handwritten list. It makes it so easy to recap, move things around, add and re-prioritise. Good luck with getting through all your to-do's. My hat goes of to you, you've got a lot on your plate and you go, go, go. Make sure you put a quiet cuppa on that list, okay?

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Mandi. I'm going to check the iPad and Mac list out because that's what I use too.Thanks for the heads up! Oh, and I sure will schedule in a cuppa or 2! :-)

    3. i do similar - i have 3 MITs max that i note on my daily planner sheet (i made it specifically to be more realistic and balanced) i also note 1 household thing (or none some days), something for me time and something to do with the kids. definitely make it small and then you can always do more if you have time or energy!

    4. I honestly do not have any lists. They make me super anxious. While having lists works for some, but not for me. I usually know what I'm supposed to do and I just either do it, or if I know it's not urgent - ie housework, I put it aside. Having said that I try not to let the housework stuff get to the point where it's beyond bearable, I tackle one thing at a time and prioritise what's important - laundry. Then with my other stuff, once again, what I feel is the right thing to do atm. I guess it's just my personality - I fly by the seat of my pants. hehehee...

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