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From CHAOS to CLEAN – Week 1 – Identify The Major Problems!

Monday, 6th February 2012

From CHAOS to CLEAN – Week 1 – Identify The Major Problems!

So I was sitting in with Levi waiting for him to drift off to sleep when I realised for the second time in a row, I had forgotten to hang out the 3 baskets of washed laundry that sat by the backdoor waiting for me.

I mean, in my mind I was been super organised by washing them the night before and having them ready for me to duck outside in the morning and hang. Except I forgot all about them.

During our day out, I remembered and made a mental note to hang them out as soon as we returned home.

Except I forgot….. again….

So whilst sitting in the darkness of Levi’s room, cursing myself for the failure of my mental note and getting more and more peeved off that I’d have to wash the 3 loads once again, I decided it was time to get off the chaos roller coaster and get some order back in our house.

Which brings me to CHAOS to CLEAN 2012!!!! LOL

My 2012 Diary

I’m always so good at creating big plans, often feeling overwhelmed at the end of each day because I haven’t even made a dint in my list of ‘Things to do’.

So this time I’m taking it one little step at a time.

One ‘organising’ task per day.

I think my biggest problem is ‘thinking’ I’ll remember things when in actuality, I have that much to remember for that many people, it has become an impossible task for my poor brain.

So task 1: USE MY DIARY.

Clearly my mental notes aren’t worth a pinch of s@!t, so I am going to have to start writing everything down.

I am going to record all the important dates and appointments we have coming up, plus, I will also write in one task a day as a prompt of where to start!

Then I am actually going to read my diary every day and lug it around with me for future appointments etc etc.

My 2012 Open Diary

May I never forget another appointment again…..

Do you use a diary? Do you stick to it all year?

What do you find the most challenging problem in commencing ‘getting organised’ at your house?


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    1. I use my diary & calendar heaps - though sometimes when I'm home I don't refer to it as often as I should if I don't have it out on the bench (it gets left safely in my handbag). My other problem though is procrastination - the ol' "i suppose I can leave that one until tomorrow...."

    2. michelle

      being pregnant doesn't help at all. my problem is i have too many reminders to look at, & i forgot to look at them. lol. i have gotten a diary this year also, i have a little calendar on the door of my pantry - mainly for school dates. and i also have my weekly tasks that i've laminated.

    3. I have put a recipe book holder in my kitchen and I leave my diary open to the week we are currently in. I write everything in it!

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Love the recipe book holder idea!!! (running off to add it to the shopping list now!!) ;-)

    5. Haha, you'll have to wait for my upcoming guest post on Organised Housewife to hear about my organising ;)

    6. You know what? I think I'm now going to have to set up reminders on my phone. With alarms. I forgot my son's piano lesson the other day and again today nearly forgot the girls' lessons!! NEVER happened before! You're right, it's trying to remember more than what we can! So now I've set that alarm on my phone. No more taking my memory for granted.

    7. I am absolutely terrible at keeping diaries. I get one every year, without fail, with such good intentions. They're usually abandoned by March. I'm going to try to start remembering to put things on my phone. I actually have a post it note app thingy on my iGoogle page. Anything important gets written on that. As I am online so often, everytime I open up Chrome or IE, it's right there in front of me.

    8. Kimberley

      I used to use a diary but since my back injury (followed by 2 rounds of spinal surgery) and not being at work for awhile by organization has gone out the window! Plus pain medication makes my bouts of pregnancy brain seem wonderful lol. However as things r improving and needing less help from super granny will have to get a diary again and some consistency the boys. Slightly left field question - where did u get your diary from? It looks awesome and I want one now!!!

    9. commonchaoschronicle

      My diary is from a shop called Kikki-K. You can also buy online. Their 2013 diary looks just as fab! I love it!

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