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Get Control Of That Washing Mountain! How MonsterSquadMum Organises Her Dirty Laundry…

Monday, 31st October 2011

Get Control Of That Washing Mountain! How MonsterSquadMum Organises Her Dirty Laundry…

I was asked awhile ago on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page (Be sure to stop by and ‘Like’ it if you haven’t already), how I deal with the washing in my house.

Now for me to get on here and preach to you all that I have a perfect system and my washing is always under ‘control’, would be a big FAT lie! I’m not going to do that to you all.

I am still tweaking my laundry routine as it is such a massive time consuming part of my life.

It gets me down, I look at the mountains and I long to spend my time doing something else.

But such is life and since I’m not a millionaire, I cant go out and buy new clothes everyday, I must face the dreaded laundry room and GET IT DONE!

It's jac from Common Chaos Chronicle

So here’s what I have been doing lately…. (and keeping in mind this is all totally my opinion and shouldn’t be taken as gospel!!)

Clothes end up all over the place in our house. We have a basket in the bathroom, but we all are in the habit of dumping clothes wherever we take them off and this is the number 1 thing I want to change right now.

Step 1 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Create ONE designated spot for all washing to be dumped.

I believe that if the dirty washing is all piled up or in a basket in one space the house instantly looks cleaner. Nobody’s guests fancy walking into a dining room to see your daughters undies from the day before…. Im sure of it…

Washing Basket

Step 2 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Decide how often you need to do the washing.

For Example, If you’re a family with only 1 or 2 kids, you may not find it necessary to do the washing every day, however if you have your own Monster Squad like me, you would instantly know when the clothes have been breeding down in the laundry.

Yep, that’s right they seem to multiply faster than rabbits in spring and once the mountain is growing, there’s no reaching the top of it…

So you have decided that doing the washing is a daily job at your house? Me too.

Except sometimes I forget. Sometimes I put a load on and get distracted so I leave it in the machine. Sometimes I tell myself the weather is far too crappy so I’ll just have to leave it. And every time I enter that bloody laundry again, it is with great regret.

So here’s the plan:

Step 3 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Work out how you are going to store and sort the washing once you get it to the laundry.

Is there things you need to wash urgently like school uniforms? Do you have a separate wash for your linen and towels?

I have a very run down old laundry. It is on the renovation list, however its an expensive job so I just have to make do at the moment.

To sort my washing I purchased some of those child sized toy wheelie bins. I have one for uniforms, one for clothes, one for towels & linen and one for ‘other’.

I sort the washing into the appropriate bins when I bring if from the washing basket in the bathroom. This makes putting the loads of washing on super quick as it’s already sorted and ready to go.

Laundry Sorting System

Step 4 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Create a daily goal. Mine is to wash, dry and put away 2 loads of washing per day. 2 loads per day in my 9.5kg washing machine keeps the washing pretty much under control.

Of course there are days when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing and you have the time to wash a few more loads. Especially when there’s bed linen to be washed. But if I’ve reached my goal of 2 loads per day, then I know I’m on the right track.

Step 5 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Get a little washing routine happening. Most of our mobile phones have calendar reminder alarms in them these days. Program in a repeat reminder at a time that suits you, that tells you to put a load of washing on.

Right now I am putting a load of washing on before I hop into bed, and another load on when I get up of a morning. This means that by the time I have dropped the kids off at school, I have 2 baskets ready and waiting for me to hang out.

This is working at the moment as it is still cool of an evening here so the washing isn’t drying out in the baskets.

In the hotter weather, I take advantage of daylight savings. I wash the 2 loads over dinner time and hang them out once the kids are in bed. The washing is already hung out on the line for the next day then.

Washing to fold up

Step 6 in the Chaos Laundry System:

Have a drying back up plan…..

When the weather is relentless with rain we wash all our washing at home, then run it up to the laundromat and use the big dryers to dry it all. This can sometimes be rather costly, so if you have the room in your house I would highly recommend investing in a good clothes airer/horse, as running a dryer flat out at home increases your electricity bill dramatically… (hmmmm, still paying that bill off…)

Step 7 in the Chaos Laundry System:

After you have the washing dry and ready to put away, spend a good half an hour looking at it, swearing at it and wishing it would put itself away before you admit defeat and start folding…

I’m not sure what the best time of the day to do this is, but I’m often found doing once the kidlets are sound asleep in bed…. 2 baskets doesn’t take long and is much much less over whelming than 6 or 7 baskets.

Then repeat the whole process again,as per Step 2……

So there’s a quick insight into how I keep the washing under control at CHAOS HQ, I am not a great washer woman, I am still in training, but this little method I have going now is working a treat so I’m sticking with it for now.

Clothes hanging up in wardrobe


So I hope that has given you all some insight into how I cope with the washing situation at CHAOS HQ.

Tell me,
How do you cope with yours???


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    1. I have never thought to separate the school uniforms from the rest of the laundry...that makes complete sense! I'm forever digging through the piles to find socks and jumpers etc. My own laundry situation is completely out of control! There's some great tips here. Thanks for sharing.

    2. It's the putting away that does me in, every time. I'm so fortunate that because of my back (well, not sure that part is fortunate, but you know what I mean) that Joel hangs out and brings in the washing. I just sort it to wash, wash it and put it away. So I shouldn't be complaining about the putting away. I need to get stricter with myself and deal with each load as it comes in. Kick in the pants needed, received and taken! (Except it is raining today,lol!). I have about 5 baskets of clean washing I need to sort out and put away today. It is my only goal today. Why I'm lounging around on the internet though, when I should be doing that....?

    3. I'm reading your blog post instead of tackling my massive pile of clothes waiting to be folded and put away. I should probably do something with it.

    4. The only downside of a large family...millions of loads of washing!!! I feel that all I'm ever doing!! And we only have one of those poxy lines that come off the side of the annoying!!!

    5. We're only a family of four, but with one child who likes to change her clothes every five minutes I'm sure I do the washing of a family of eight! I try to do one load every day. Washed and hung, anyway. It's the folding and putting away that kills me. Like right now I have two baskets waiting to be folded but I keep putting it off. Cough.

    6. I'm great at washing and drying clothes, but folding and putting away?! Ugh. They grow until all 3 washing baskets are full and/or hubby folds ;)

    7. Brenda

      I like the idea of a separate basket for school uniforms, the same goes for the girls' dance gear. That always gets hung up in the garage, and stay there until needed. One less thing to think about! My other tip is to sort washing into reusable shopping bags. Much more transportable, and puts the onus onto the receiver to put it away (although sometimes that's in the 'dream on' pile too, lol)

    8. Sometimes I swear I have five kids, not two, going by the amount of laundry they create! One thing I've began doing is getting them to wear their clothes again the next day if they're not dirty (which isn't often). And they're pretty much trained to put their dirty clothes in the laundry. A trick that works for folding is to put all your clean dry washing on the couch you want to sit on for watching TV. Yep, if I have to sit on it, or look at it, I'll remember to fold it. And the kids help sometimes...

    9. There's only 3 of us and I still struggle with the washing routine. I am always forgetting it's in the machine and by the time I remember to hang it out it always seems to be rainy or dark and cold. I don't mind the folding part as you can do that in front of tv and the washing/sorting bit is easy for us right now. I also tend to leave it til the weekend as I am working full-time during the week but know that spreading it out would be better. Love your sorting bins!

    10. Tracy Williams

      I only have a basket in the laundry, when it is full it all goes in the machine. Usually one load per day after dinner or two if there are enough towels. After bath/shower time one kiddie has the chore of putting it all in the wash and I remind them to go pick up dirty stuff at least once a day from their bedroom floors. When it's swimming they put them straight into the machine and when they take their socks off they go in the soaking bucket and I keep whites to go with them washed once a week. It never ends....after folding they all put them away so I don't have to look in their messy drawers lol

    11. URGH!!! Laundry! HATE that with a vengence. Now that I'm working, I have to find out if the next day will be nice weather so that I can do the washing at night and have it ready to be hung in the morning before I head out to work. Weekends is when I do the kids laundry. Yep, I separate ours and the kids as if I did them all at once - I would not have enough space to hang them all up on. Now, I also fold the laundry immediately once I bring them in and sort them into the different baskets - one for each child to put away for themselves, and one main one for both parents. What I'm also loving about the fact that my kids are a little bit older is that Miss 9 now LOVES to help bring in the laundry, so I strike while the iron is hot! ;)

    12. Renee

      UGH I hate laundry. HATE IT. (lol I just looked above this box and see that Norlin says the same thing, but I'm leaving mine too. hahah) I just put a load in to join the load on the line still - trying to air it out a bit since I left it in the washer a bit too long. haha *sigh* My biggest issue is the folding and hanging and putting away. Not that it matters as my boys chuck everything out of the wardrobe to hide in it. :P My room is a disaster of epic proportions because of all the clothes piled up in there - clean clothes! For now anyway. With my luck they'll end up mixed in with the dirty stuff. I'm trying to do one load a day fully from start to finish, AND spending at least 10 minutes sorting through the pile in my room to donate/pack away for #2 when he grows into them.

    13. I have 5 kids too [and an extra who is all grown up and doesn't live with us], so I totally understand having to have a system! I have the little wiz bins as well, although mine are for recycling and matchbox cars atm, I have to get more for the laundry because your layout is what I have already been aiming at doing! Them wiz bins are brilliant! I can't recommend them enough! I have 2 that wet the bed, so linen seems to be one of my major issues - I can do 3 loads a day just to get them bed sheets/blankets washed! So usually I am doing approx 5 loads a day... not great when you are on tank water! Because I have 3 older kids, I now have them on most of the hanging out duty, I don't see why they can't help! As for folding... well My Foldmore loves to live with me lol I hate folding with a passion!

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