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Get Your Children To Clean Their Rooms – Printable Chart

Sunday, 14th August 2011

Get Your Children To Clean Their Rooms – Printable Chart

The mess in our girls room.

After the success of my printable housework chart, which you can find here, I started to wonder if I could use a similar strategy on my children to get them to clean their bedrooms up.

I mean, a simple tick chart has allowed me to become more ‘clean up conscious’, so this past week I have trialed a new chart for my kids.


OK, here’s what we did.

The Tidiest Bedroom Chart!

Tidiest Bedroom Chart


We explained to the children over dinner that the mess everyday in their rooms is just not acceptable, and that we were going to keep a cleaning chart from now on. (Talking over food is a perfect time to hit them with something new, they’re already sitting and 9/10% of the time they have their mouths full!!!!)

STEP2: Explain how it works.

OK so what we did was give the kids a score out of 5 twice a day for the state of their bedrooms, once after they had gotten themselves ready for the day and once before bedtime.

For Example:

1 = Cannot see the carpet, bed’s not made, junk everywhere.

2 = Room looks like a toy shop exploded in it, but may child may have attempted to clean it.

3 = Room looks average, they’ve done a little work but quit halfway through the job.

4 = Looks pretty damn good. They’ve made an effort to get it clean.

5 = The room looks pretty much perfect, as though you had cleaned it yourself.

STEP 3: You need to offer them a reward/prize that they will actually really really want.

Lately our children have been going on and on about wanting to buy something special from our local TOYWORLD shop. So I went and purchased 2 Toyworld Vouchers for $10 each and stuck them up on our white board. ( I got 2 in case our girls that share a room won the prize). Every time I heard a groan about cleaning I just mentioned the vouchers and the kid’s motivation suddenly increased tenfold.

STEP 4: Reward the child with the highest score at the end of the week & start the process all over again!

Depending on your children’s age, the rewards could vary, just as long as it is something they really want.

Click on the following link to print your own copy of the chart!!! (It will take you to another Common Chaos page where you can then click on the pink link to the Printable File)

Tidiest Room Chart for Common Chaos Chronicle


Now I should mention that my two younger girls are the biggest mess makers in our house. If you have been following us on our Facebook page COMMON CHAOS CHRONICLE, you have probably seen the photos of their destruction. The reward chart hasnt worked so well for them this last week. They started off ok, then just refused to clean. I let it go, knowing that when we announced the winner of the voucher, they would change their tune.

It was a draw this week between the twins, and the 2 younger girls went very quiet when they missed out. Not the tears and tantrums that I expected but I am certain, that when we go into Toyworld so the twins can spend their prizes, it will hit home and they will pick up their game this week.

A somewhat harsh lesson for them to learn but a lesson nonetheless.

Please get intouch with me if you give the chart a go. I’d love to hear how it has/hasnt worked for you.

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    1. Tabitha

      love this idea, I wonder if it'll work on my 21 year old fiance? My sis-in-law to be has a similar thing for her son, but instead of a voucher its a box (sealed so little fingers can't get in on the sly) where he gets to pick out a new toy/game each fortnight.

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