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Getting Organised – The Printable Weekly Task List For Home Keepers!

Saturday, 25th June 2011

Getting Organised – The Printable Weekly Task List For Home Keepers!

Sorry About The Mess But We Live Here Poster Print

Tonight it dawned on me that the school holidays (Victorian) are only a week away and our house resembles something like one of those robbery scenes they show to advertise insurance companies on the television.

Granted we have been busy tearing the place apart and renovating here and there, but I must admit most of the chaos has built up from days upon days of flat out ‘busy’ and procrastination. Tisk, Tisk to me!

Procrastinate Now and Panic Later

So I came to the decision that I’d have to set myself a goal, plan it out and STICK TO IT! A few rough copies later and…

Introducing the Common Chaos Chronicle WEEKLY TASK LIST!

Perfect for the stay at home mums and dads that love a tick chart and the feeling of satisfaction knowing you have a piece of paper that proves you’ve been busy all day!!! Hahaha

Printable Weekly Task List – Common Chaos Chronicle

(It may take you to another page where this title is written twice. Click on the pinky coloured one and it should take you to the PDF!)

I have created a printable PDF chart of what I call the basics. Each printed chart covers a week Mon-Sun.

* In the top section I have listed the days of the week, with suggested tasks for each day.

* In the bottom section I have created tick boxes for you to check off the tasks as you complete them each day.

This is what I am going to trial over the next 3 weeks. Please hop on board and give it a go with me – as the aim is a more organised house, with more time to do the FUN things I want to do.

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    1. Jess

      Love it! Love it! Love it! And I'll be doing it along with you! The Chaos Queen reigns Supreme! xxxx

    2. Trudy

      Jac, So i printed my list this morning, and decided that, that is a housework task and warranted me a 4 hour cuppa and play on facebook break, then with shopping, and a doctors appointment I couldn't possibly do anything else today. To my shock and amazement, hubby informs me that printing a housework list doesn't count as actual housework. Oh well, too late to start now, I'll start tomorrow, or find something so much more interesting to do. At least now I have a list of the tasks I'm avoiding...

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Well these things all take time you see! You should inform him that it may take some weeks for you to read through and process what is involved with each individual task.... Heheheheehe :-)

    4. So glad Whoa, Mumma sent me here ! I too will be joining in. Hopefully we can organize some of the chaos in our home :-)

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      I'm so very happy she did! The more the merrier. More printables coming soon! xoxox

    6. Glenda

      Love the printables!! Keep them coming.

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Glenda, I'm glad you like them. Will you be joining me this week in completing the housework chart? ~ Jac xo

    8. Procrastinate now and panic later is me to a tee lol!! love this post, sounds like a good idea Ill have a go ;)

    9. Amrit

      well downloaded, printed and now to do it....hoping it works for me....really need to get some routine going. 4 kids and hubby and study makes for a very messy home :)

    10. Rebecca

      I'm a procrastinator from waaaay back! I'm going to join in and see if it helps kick me into gear :) to find a way to print the printable...

    11. commonchaoschronicle

      That's awesome Rebecca, just by breaking the whole house down into sections and maintaining it, I have shaved hours and hours off the time I spend cleaning every day. LOVE IT and wish I'd done it years ago. I hope you get it printed and you find it as useful as I have. Luv jac xox

    12. Kirsten Bolger Burton

      I am following this too!! I started today! I am so excited to be able to stay on top of things :)

    13. Michelle

      I can't seem to find the printable checklist, have you removed it as I notice your page its a few years old now? I defo need some help to get my house organised lol x

    14. commonchaoschronicle

      Hi Michelle, I'm unsure why it's not working but I will check it out for you now. I'm currently in the process of updating this printable and others so stay tuned via the CCC Facebook page to see when they're all done! xox

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