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Making Progress At CHAOS HQ – Laundry Has Been FOUND!!!

Monday, 14th May 2012

Making Progress At CHAOS HQ – Laundry Has Been FOUND!!!

Today I forced myself to rediscover the floor and walls of our laundry.

Since our washing machine crapped out months and months ago, we’ve been struggling on with an ancient washing machine that MonsterSquad Grandma picked up for us at an op-shop.

On the weekend hubby and I traveled to his dad’s place to pick up a much larger and way more swish machine. They had kindly donated it to us and I have never been so pleased to do washing!

Our new washing machine!!!

It felt kind of silly placing an almost new machine in our dumpy old laundry, so something had to be done about it.

Now, picture this…. (I really wish I had’ve taken a before photo!)

Our laundry was once a free-standing room at the back of our house. The people before us so kindly did a rotten job of ‘building it in’ at some point and let’s just say that it is defiantly the next major job on our renovation list.

The walls are all crooked. The floor has sunk in several places. There are cracks in the window glass and we house about a million black house spiders in there too. There’s a nice coating of dryer lint on everything, which pretty much matches the cobwebs and the piles of junk in the corner have been slowly but surely creeping further and further across the room.

I’m not going to lie, it was one hell of a neglected mess and a horrible horrible room to have to spend any time in.

So today I got in there with the broom, the dust pan, the mop, and the vacuum even made an appearance towards the end.

I had MonsterSquad Dad put up a shelf that I had lying around and reattach the towel cupboard door for me. I sorted the washing into labeled toy bins and made a start on the linen and towel pile first.

My shelf and labels!

I was ruthless with the ‘One Day’ junk I had been storing in there and filled 3 large bin liners with rubbish.

3 hours later I emerged, covered in lint, cobwebs and dust but by golly what an improvement I had made.

Since our laundry will have to be demolished and rebuilt at some point, I am not too fussed with making it….. ahem….. spotless. I just want to be able to go in there and not have an asthma attack, not be eaten alive by spiders or not trip over washing to get to the machine.


One room down, several to go…. Oh and I think it’s official. I AM NESTING HARDCORE!!!!


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