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Making The Most Of Monsters – The Chaos Creators Earn Their Keep! – AUGUST 2012

Tuesday, 21st August 2012

Making The Most Of Monsters – The Chaos Creators Earn Their Keep! – AUGUST 2012

Chaos is what we do best…..obviously, but lately the chaos has been doing my head in.

So I have devised a plan, well more like I have just ranted and written a list, a list of jobs that I expect the kids to do each day/week otherwise they will be cut off from all things electrical.

Hit them where it hurts and right now that’s the computers, laptops, DSi’s, the iPad and so on….

So after a status update on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page, I am putting the kids job list down in blog form so you guys can see what I think is fair, especially for a first round of proper responsibilities.

I have made up little clipboards for the kids to use, with pen attached so they can tick off jobs as they go, but that’s a whole other blog post right there!

SNEEK PEEK!!! Dont tell anyone!!!! LOL

Owl clipboards for kids
Here is a little sneek peek at the clipboards I have been making for the kids. I will write up a post on how to do it once I get the rest of them finished!

The first thing on their list is the Morning Routine.

It’s something they have been (supposed to have done) for the last 12-18mths but they have become slack and have been ignoring it lately. So by putting back on the charts I am hoping they get right back intothe habit of it all again so mornings can run a whole lot smoother from now on.


* Get Dressed

* Get Levi Dressed – Now each takes a turn of doing this Mon – Thurs, hubby does it on Fridays for Kinder.

* Make Beds

* Eat Breakfast

* Do Hair

* Brush Teeth

* Pack School Bag

Then they have their individual jobs…

Jai (8)

* Morning Routine

* Tidy Lounge Room

* Bins

* Feed – Bird, Fish, Dogs & Turtles

* Vac – when asked

Aria (8)

* Morning Routine

* Tidy Dining Room & Clear the Dinner Table

* Shower/Bath Monitor (Runs the water and keeps the timer going)

* Feed – Rabbit & Cats

* Put Folded Washing Away

Zafirah (7)

* Morning Routine

* Clean Bathroom (once a week big clean – keep it tidy daily)

* Sort washing into 3 washing bins

* Make the lunchboxes.

Veruca (5)

* Morning Routine

* Pick up all the dirty washing and take it to the laundry

* Collect the Mail everyday and place on mums computer

Levi (3)

* Morning Routine

* Pick up toy trains

* Help Veruca with the washing

So that’s their jobs so far.

Do you think that is a fair amount of work for their ages? Too Much? Too little?

Keep in mind that they will be keeping their rooms clean daily as well.

Let me hear your thought on it all…..

Love Jac xox


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    1. Great idea there Jacqui. Yeah, we've got a system going on in our house too. The kids have been on rotation for a few months now. Each week one does the dishes (load & unload dishwasher), another does the tables/benchtops (clean and set up), and the other does the floors (sweep up & clean up the shoes). Been going ok so far, with the occasional slip ups, but it does make your job a lot easier when we delegate - and I'm the Queen of Delegation!! :)

    2. Gosh, my kids do NOTHING!! zip, nada, zilch!! It's something I really need to rectify because I am quickly going mental. Not a day goes by when I'm not tripping over stuff, or trying to find something. I think it's great that you're getting your kids organised and teaching them valuable life skills. When you say "make the lunchboxes", does that mean she has to make lunch for everyone, or just put the stuff in the lunchboxes?

    3. I love it Jac. I don't think it's too much work, especially if they have done it in the past. In a household as big as yours, it would be essential that everyone contributes according to their abilities. I'm very slack with my boys, but there is absolutely no reason that they shouldn't be able to take on all of the jobs you have your monsters doing. Btw, I love the clipboards! I might ask you to make a couple for us :-)

    4. ann

      Awesome and it looks like a lot but would take no more than 10-15 minutes if done without whinging and fighting about it!!

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      No Probs Dorothy, I have more to do too.

    6. commonchaoschronicle

      We have everything set up and she just packs them. Well she can make the sangas too, she has done in the past, but I can't handle the mess and she uses way too much spreads etc so in the interest of our budget, we make them in bulk and freeze them!

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